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Garrett November 8th, 2006 21:01

Dark Messiah - Retail patch released
It's patch day today: The next patch available is the retail version of the 1.01 update for Dark Messiah, bringing the game to v1.1. You can download it from 3D Gamers.
More information.

Melvil November 8th, 2006 21:01

anyone else having trouble getting steam to update this forsaken game? mine acts like no updates have been released at all, not to mention it has totally bugged out and won't display the environment around my player. I only see my hands, and occasionally the environment if I switch weapons ;)

txa1265 November 8th, 2006 21:07

That was my experience as well - I opened Steam and got nothing, so I went to the 'revision history' and see 'released 10/25' … so I go to 3DGamers and see nothing much of interest … official forums don't help either …

sealight4 November 8th, 2006 23:29

I'm waiting to finish the game. Steam should have it today.
Edit: Steam froze several times and patched something. I've played 5 minutes and no crashes. I might finish this game tonight. The patch history doesn't show any patches but what works right anyway?

txa1265 November 9th, 2006 13:36

Steam *definitely* patched the single player of Dark Messiah last night. I don't leave it running all the time, so when I started it, it started updating. Didn't notice the size of the update, but it was there.

JDR13 November 9th, 2006 15:34

21.6 mb - I was expecting it to be a bit larger.

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