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lanux128 September 13th, 2008 17:44

Orc party by the Bakaresh coast-line
on the way to Bakaresh, instead of turning right to the path that leads to Bakaresh, i decided to straight ahead where there are some lush bushes. after encountering some lurkers, i ran into an Orc party complete with a Shaman and a Leader. they were all just sitting around and after getting rid of them, i found a GreatSword in the chest. i wonder if anyone had discovered this location before?

Bartacus September 13th, 2008 20:15

The chests are always random, so one can not say that he/she did found the same chest. Gothic 3 is so enormous (though for me easier then Oblivion) that I sometimes find even now things that I didn't encounter before -> I once followed the coast lines where I found dragons, many lurkers, trolls, monsters and a lot of chests. It's a huge world to explore, perhaps even to big. I know that I could safely say that I explored every corner in Gothic 1, 2 and NotR, but this is just to much.

Looking forward to the addon, Gothic 4 and off course Risen.

lanux128 September 14th, 2008 05:32

i've taken to exploring quite a bit because since i'm almost at the end of the game and i wanted cover as much ground as possible before i finish the game.

the coast-line you mentioned must be from the temple near Trellis to all the way to Cape Dun. i too encountered gargoyles and other monsters.

Maylander September 14th, 2008 10:33

I had completed the game many times before bumping into the party. It's a classic Northrend orc party (orc leader, shaman, tons of warriors), and I was not ready at all for meeting such a party. Needless to say, the shaman utterly destroyed me, and it was ages since my last save since I didn't expect trouble in this region of the land.

One of the worst/best ambushes in the game, because they're so well hidden by the trees.

lanux128 September 15th, 2008 05:24

the trees are a big problem as i can't lure them out. in the end, i had to summon a golem to assist me but how they got there remains a mystery. if the devs had placed a shipwreck by the coast, then it'd be more plausible and a clue for the players.

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