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Pladio September 13th, 2008 20:51

Gothic 3 beginner tips - Fighter build ?

I just started replaying Gothic 3 last night. I played a bit several months ago, but I didn't like it freezing all the time. I think the new community patch helped a bit since it now freezes very rarely.

I am now level 6 with no points spend. I did several quests in Reddock and want to go to Cape Dun now. I also killed some lurkers on the beach until I got where there were 4 of them next to each other.

I'll probably save the game soon and then use it for a replay. I want to play this through as a fighter for the rebels.
Could anyone tell me how they think I should spend my points ?
Anything I really shouldn't use ?
What other/miscellaneous skills I should or shouldn't learn (hunting/lock picking…) ?

Thanks everyone.
(I haven't played through G3 yet and I'm not a hardcore gamer, so I'm probably not going to be playing a lot and it'll take months for me to finish the game.)


Ok, I'm now level 8 with 80 LPs to spare. I'm 10 points out of getting respected in Cape Dun and I still have lots of quests to do. The combat system seems fairly easy against humans and orcs. I just keep whacking and they eventually die or get KOed. They also don't fight all at the same time, it'sl ike they all have the honour of Samurais. Fighting one at a time. As long as I keep hitting they don't attack me so it's really easy.

How many points should I invest in strength and should I get the better weapons skills as well ?
How useful is permanent potion brewing ?
Anything else I should know ?

Maylander September 14th, 2008 10:41

Well, as you get some Ancient Knowledge, you should probably grab Healing and a few other spells. Also, you should get Blacksmithing, since you can make the best 1H weapons in the game that way (crafted weapons are always 10 damage better than the same weapon in a store, and with less requirement to wield them).

Other than that, I'd get tireless runner (or some such thing), immunity to poison/disease, resistance to heat/cold and perhaps acrobatics as well. Generally I always grab those skills.

The rest is pretty much simple - put tons of points into strength and hitpoints (you need a large health pool). As for weapons, use 1H where it suits you (in the start, there are very few good 2H weapons available, forging a Bastard Sword is probably the best weapon you can get access to), but later in the game you should always use the Orc Halberd (massive 2H weapon, with incredible damage). Basically, the whole point of any "warrior" build is to get this halberd as soon as possible, because it can tear through packs of animals, orcs, whatever in seconds due to it's very high damage and range.

You might also want to consider getting the crossbow feats as you gain strength, since it's always nice to be able to shoot those nasty boars and what not from far away.

Also, do not underestimate the value of a good halberd early on (yes, I'm talking about the silly low damage ones that rebels use). It's a whole lot better at killing animals than any 1H weapon, simply due to the fact that you can keep them from stunlocking you because of the great range. I'd stick with 1H + shield against humanoids though (orcs/humans/skeletons, etc).

That should cover most of what you need to know.

Bartacus September 15th, 2008 11:43

Imo, your question is answered by saying: I want to play this trough as a fighter for the rebels. A fighter needs like Maylander said, strength and health. On your path I wouldn't waste to much points on hunting skill and bowskills. They come in handy (much better then the crossbow which is really slow), but for ranged combat it's even better to go for a bit of magic. You'll find books and tablets to increase your ancient knowledge. This way you can have access to magic and eventually the fireball.

So strenght, health, 1H, 2H/1weapon (so don't go for the 2H/2weapon thing: it looks cool, but is imo worse then 1H sometimes), smithing (to forge the best weapons) and a little bit of magic

Zaleukos September 15th, 2008 13:00

Blacksmithing isnt necessary as it is possible to craft an excellent bastard sword with the default skill.

For fighting and survivability I'd recommend extra hitpoints, strength, and hunting to 130 for trophies. I'd probably spend in the order:

Extra HP -> hunting to 130 (for trophies) -> prospecting (for quests and money) -> strength for the first level of 2H weapons (the halberd reigns supreme against wildlife)

I wouldnt bother with smithing early on, it's only useful for a few late game quests and once you get to that stage you'll likely have points to spare (and have gained some from quests). You can craft a bastard sword that is among the best in the game with the starting skill. I wouldnt care about ancient knowledge or spells (except possibly heal) early on either since you wont have enough mana to cast more than one heal spell. If you do go for some AK you'll want to take the fast learner skill as soon as you reach 100. In mid-game (level 20+) I'd try to raise hunting high enough to use the better bows, as archery is the easiest way to deal with ogres.

Permanent potion brewing and the poison/disease immunities that require alchemy are immensely useful and pay back fairly quickly, so learn those as soon as you have the required alchemy skill. Just dont invest any LP in alchemy itself…

And I wouldnt bother with the highest levels of 1H and 2H skill since it comes with an annoying knockdown effect. This might change if the final patch changes the fighting system…

Pladio September 19th, 2008 02:58

Thanks guys. I've put my game on hold for a while since I forgot the game at home and am now back in England. I'll come back to this topic when I get back to playing G3.
I do have the first Gothic with me so I might start playing that one again.
Thanks again.

Bartacus September 19th, 2008 14:16

Good luck studying there, Pladio.

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