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Dhruin September 27th, 2008 05:06

Kingdom Elemental - Improved v1.56 Released
Chronic Logic sends word their fantasy tactics game Kingdom Elemental has now moved to v1.56 with a number of improvements:

Chronic Logic Releases Kingdom Elemental 1.56 for Windows!

Chronic Logic announces the release of Kingdom Elemental Tactics version 1.56, a major update to Kingdom Elemental. "We really had a great time making Kingdom Elemental, but when we finished I really wanted to add more." said Josiah Pisciotta, Owner of Chronic Logic. "With this update we took the time to add all the features we could not add in the original release."

Kingdom Elemental version 1.56 includes a slew of new features and content including a totally revamped skirmish mode, improved interface, new destiny mode, single level mode, over twenty new challenge levels, the ability to download and play user created levels as well as numerous other improvements and several bug fixes. In destiny mode you fight against unlimited hordes of enemies and see how long you can survive. Each game is different and you will be ranked on how well you do. As you progress through the campaign unlock levels and play them in the new single level mode. as you play through the campaign to unlock them. The new challenge levels present over twenty unique challenge for you to try your tactics against. Create your own challenge levels and share them with others. Download user created challenge levels for even more battles against the forces of evil. Give the new demo a try or order the full version and download Kingdom Elemental today!

Try the new demo today:

Check out the Kingdom Elemental Cinematic and gameplay trailers here:

View the complete list of changes and additions here:
More information.

skavenhorde September 27th, 2008 05:06

This is the first time I've seen this game, but I like what I see. I saw the trailer and love the way the game makes fun of itself. It's like Bard's Tale or Space Quest 6 meets a RTS game. The one great thing about Bard's Tale wasn't the gameplay, it was the narrator.

Edit: I just finished the demo and it was ok. No exploring or anything like that, just buy your units and survive the waves of monsters that attack.

I like the light hearted attitude they have with the game. Kinda reminded me of Dungeon Keeper, though without the building or exploring.

I'll probably pick this up in awhile. I already have too many games right now as it is.

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