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Acleacius November 10th, 2006 03:50

How to View or Change Influence.
Ok there are two ways to do this one with commands and one viewing your globals.xml.

For those that don't mind using the console and commands you type;
DebugMode 1
rs kr_influence
This gives you a little dialogue window that will let you view or change Influence with any companion, then type;
DebugMode 0
When and if you want to disable commands.

Second for the strict players, whom could have kept track with notes as each Influence was gained or lost but didn't have the time, you can open your globals.xml in the savegame folder in your My Documents, of the savegame your intrested in checking and do a search for influence no hacks, no edit and no fuss. ;)

Corwin November 10th, 2006 04:59

I prefer the second method, especially the last 7 words!! :)

Maylander November 10th, 2006 10:22

I just find some question in their dialogue which gets "Influence: Failed" and then I try to work my way up past that point, so I get it "Influence: Success". That way I have a general idea whether the NPC likes me or not, and can keep track of my progress.

JemyM November 14th, 2006 19:39

I have to confess, I used this to cheat so I would not have to replay the game to see what would happen if I had better influence.

txa1265 November 14th, 2006 19:41

I got my first influence failure, which was a surprise, but I'm not messing with it - for now ;)

Cm November 14th, 2006 21:24

Same here Mike. I can see these aspects of the game giving it a good replay value for me.

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