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Garrett November 10th, 2006 16:27

ES4: Knights of the Nine - update information
Bethesda's Pete Hines just dropped us this info regarding the upcoming expansion for Oblivion:

First, I wanted to clarify a couple things on Knights of the Nine. The retail version of Knights of the Nine is a collection (for PC) that includes Knights of the Nine plus all the other DLC released to date. Thatís why itís $19.99. If you want just Knights of the Nine for PC, you can download it for $9.99 and get just that DLC without the rest of it. Same on 360…800 points for just Knights of the Nine. A retail version for 360 isnít technically feasible at this time. If/when it becomes a possibility weíll let folks know; itís certainly something weíd like to offer. Release date for Knights of the Nine is 11/21 for the retail version as well as the 360 version on Xbox Live. It will be available to download for PC (from www.obliviondownloads.com) on 12/4.
More information.

araczynski November 10th, 2006 16:27

glad i was holding out on buying all the online add-ins they have. always nice to have a purdy retail box :)

txa1265 November 10th, 2006 17:22

It is nice to see that they are doing a 'boxless' version for those of us who have bought a few things along the line.

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