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woges October 17th, 2008 22:22

Warhammer Online - State of the Game
Mark Jacobs on WAR with the good news that (come December) the Black Guard and the Knight of the Blazing Sun will officially be part of WAR. This and more all written up here.

Letís start with what we know is some truly exciting news. Iím happy to announce that in December, the Black Guard and the Knight of the Blazing Sun will officially be part of WAR. We have very special plans around their appearance and in our next newsletter we will provide full details about that exciting and rather novel event. When they were cut from the game launch plans earlier this year, I said that the Black Guard and the Knight would be part of WAR only when they were great and deserved their place alongside all of WARís other compelling classes. I also said that we would not charge any additional fees for this new content or put it in a separate expansion pack; thatís not how we operate. Weíve kept to that plan and with the introduction of these two classes, Mythic shows that once again we are happy to keep giving players more value for their subscription dollars than any other MMORPG developer.
More information.

elikal October 17th, 2008 22:22

Blast, just when I was about to cancel they bring my most beloved Knight! Not fair. Lets see if they can keep the promise and it works out good.

BlackVoid October 21st, 2008 00:26

Knight of the Blazing Sun uses Chosen's mechanics. Blackguard uses ironbreaker's. So they will work out great, because mechanics are in game and already work fine.
We will see about choppas and something for order (hammerer is going to be canceled i think).

Julian1234 November 1st, 2008 11:07

Hello everyone, I found bingo game sometime ago. The numbers were voice called and you got bonus cards at the end. You could choose bingo design and the color of the marker, also the length of time between the numbers being called. Why can't I find bingo games for one player without prizes, just for the fun of playing? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Alrik Fassbauer November 2nd, 2008 11:59

Within Warhammer Online ???

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