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Jabberwocky October 21st, 2008 05:33

Treatise on Red-heads and Albinos
Warning… Spoilers abound!!!!

Okay I've finally got past the point I quit last year in Chapter III, so everything from this point on is a new experience. I've come to two more quests that are forcing me to make tough decisions. I have to choose between taking Alvin to either Shani or Triss. Taking the boy to Triss makes more sense, given his powers and her power to protect him, but it is apparent my relationship with the women is involved too. Frankly I can't choose between them. They are both very independent women, which I find terribly attractive, but somehow I feel like I'm competing with Triss rather than taking the lead, and I don't fully trust her yet. On the other hand I really like Shani's personality. You might say that Triss is the woman every man fantasizes about, but Shani is more the marrying type. But me being a Witcher 'n' all, the idea of forming a solid relationship with Shani is just plain impractical, and would never work. Me being gone all the time, and there's no way I'm raising a kid…. OR living in Vizima. At least with Triss I'd know she can take care of herself while I'm galavanting around the countryside. So what do I do??!!

Incedentally you all know I'm speaking purely of the game world here and not taking these things that seriously, right? But anyway once again this game is making me think about my decisions.

The second quest was involving the vampires in the house of night. I reluctantly sided with them and killed several of the Flaming Rose guards. It didn't bother me a bit to put an end to that Knight, but his guards were simply following orders and caught in the middle. Killing a bunch of humans to save a few vampires? That just didn't sit right with me. But I didn't feel right to side with the humans either, especially with what's-her-name being the widow of a long lost friend of mine.

Okay and finally I just have one question: Why are nearly all of the significant women characters (and particularly the hot ones) red-headed?!? Every one of them!!? What's with the red hair? I'm dying to know why the developers did that? Not that I mind, since I love red-haired women, but still…. WHY?

Konjad October 21st, 2008 07:20

"Red is frequently used as a symbol of guilt, sin and anger, often as connected with blood or sex. (…) The color red is associated with lust, passion, love, and beauty as well. The association with love and beauty is possibly related to the use of red roses as a love symbol. Both the Greeks and the Hebrews considered red a symbol of love, as well as sacrifice." - www.wikipedia.com

Remus October 22nd, 2008 14:21

I prefered Triss more as an independent type woman, but on my first play through i sided with shani. Triss was so pissed and told me never to "touch" her again.

In the case of Vampire, i sided with them first by killing all the guards. Then if i remembered correctly through another quests i killed the vampires as well. They (both parties) were not completely free from bad deed anyway.

I don't mind red head, blone or brunette but not a single women in the game that are really attractive…

Prime Junta October 22nd, 2008 14:52

Jeez, your girlfriend must be *really* hot.

Jabberwocky October 23rd, 2008 00:11

Which brings me to another point: Have you noticed that there are NO good-looking men in the game? No wonder Geralt and Dandelion are such players, look at womens' alternatives! I mean, you know the pickings must be slim if Shani went out with Thaler!

DeepO October 23rd, 2008 01:53

Yeah, playing "spot the metrosexual!" in Witcher settings would be a rather bleak experience. Fortunately :).

titus October 23rd, 2008 09:14

I choose for shani. Not because of the relation part, although I would see me rather with shani then triss. I mean as a hard Witcher coming home to a women who is maybe even harder (triss). I would rather have a nice and soft spot when I should be able to come home.

I also thaught about the future of Alvin: triss could protect her but on the long run it would be good for him and shani would be more like a real mother too him.

zahratustra October 25th, 2008 02:17

My heart was telling me to choose Shani but the voice of reason dictated Triss. Alvin problems were supernatural rather than medical and outside of Shani's sphere of competence.

Jabberwocky October 25th, 2008 04:45

That's exactly the way I decided. Haven't progressed far enough from that point to see the results of that choice yet.

Asbjoern October 25th, 2008 13:10

Well, the choice is actually arbitrary. I also chose Triss when I played The Witcher because of her expertise with magic, which would be better for Alvin. Though I preferred Shani as a partner. I'm pretty sure the outcome at the end is the same if you choose Shani. The only difference is that Triss is pissed at you instead.

The choice - like many others in the game - was based on poor premises. Geralt is given the choice to choose a partner. Not someone to take care of Alvin. But that was what influenced my decision making the most.

oh, and I'm still secretly in love with Abigail (Except that awful sex card). She's red-headed too.

Jabberwocky October 25th, 2008 15:06

Well you just told all of us so I guess your fascination with her isn't so 'secret' anymore! ;)

I personally like the green-skinned chick the best!… Something about those dreads and the loin-cloth. :lol:

Prime Junta October 25th, 2008 16:10

Uh… what loincloth? She wasn't wearing one in the version I played.

titus October 26th, 2008 12:53

She was hot :)
She had one of the nicest pics of all girls

Jabberwocky October 26th, 2008 14:33

NA version of course. - The natives wear loin cloths in the Americas. ;)

zahratustra October 26th, 2008 22:29

LOL JB you guys can't be trusted with seeing uncovered bits of anatomy. You might become dangerously unstable! :)

magerette October 27th, 2008 19:30

Hmmm, I bought the evil euro uncensored version and now I've become a Marxist-socialist for Obama--coincidence? ;)

I agree Jabs--no decent males except Geralt(Dandelion was too wussy for me) but he made up for it by being every possible male prototype a woman could want--well, except for that 'committment' hang-up…And I also thought Abigail and the au naturel dryad were by far the hottest of the women. I found Shani a little less sympathetic than she could have been and Triss as well--one more of an insipid do-gooder than a brave comrade in arms, the other just a tad too deceptive and controlling. But certainly much more interesting than most video game females.

Remus October 28th, 2008 12:02

I think Abigail can be rather agreeable companion. Her moral alignment is leaning toward neutral i guess.

Triss is good as well but she also has her own agenda, so she is kind of difficult in term of trust….

Shanni is too simple minded and conservative. But can be a very realiable companion.

zahratustra October 28th, 2008 21:10

I would't call Abigail's aligment "neutral" Remus. She is, after all, a member of Lion Head Spider Cult and, quite possibly, a necromancer.

Remus October 28th, 2008 23:36

Argh… no one prefect!. Good enough for one-night stand at least :biggrin:.

I forgot is Geralt able to sleep with Shanni in the game?

zahratustra October 29th, 2008 00:06

Only if you give Alvin into her care :)

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