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Gorath October 21st, 2008 16:32

Sacred 2 - XBox360 and PS3 Versions Delayed Until Q1/09
Ascaron officially announced today what had been hinted at between the lines a couple of weeks ago:
Sacred 2 for PS3 and XBox360 will be released in Q1/2009. Ascaron will use the time to work on the online components and ensure a worldwide simultaneous release.
More information.

Gorath October 21st, 2008 16:32

Expect the PC version in the UK at the same time.

October 21st, 2008 17:01


Originally Posted by Gorath (Post 100303)
Expect the PC version in the UK at the same time.

I've noticed that the announced release of S2 in the UK is in the middle of november. I wonder why, as it was released in Norway (english version) on the 30th of october.

Surlent October 21st, 2008 17:04

Are you sure you didn't mean the US PC version instead? An English PC version of Sacred 2 is already being sold in Scandinavia. I would wager brits already got their hands on the game box as well.

woges October 21st, 2008 17:11

I don't think it's out here, nor is King's Bounty.

Gorath October 21st, 2008 17:32

I've already explained this in one of the other Sacred 2 threads. The UK version has been released just about everywhere except in the UK. The retailers in the UK don't believe in Sacred 2 PC. They demand a simultaneous release with the console versions.

It's quite possible CDV will go the same route in North America, although I guess they could ship Sacred 2 PC alone because Sacred was quite successful.

woges October 21st, 2008 17:37

Personally, I had faith you were correct Gor. It's probably that 'officially announced today' part.

UK seems to be getting games even later than normal recently.

Rendelius October 21st, 2008 19:20

It think it is a good decision. This game is still very buggy, with CTD's and showstoppers. The first patch helped somewhat (made it run quicker), but it isn't in a stable and entertaining condition right now, from the technical side. Game itself is a lot of fun. Once it is a little bit more streamlined, it's a very nice waste of time :-)

Plater October 21st, 2008 19:23

The uk version is due out around Nov 7th, though many europeans are already playing it now, i couldn`t wait that long and purchased my copy from a seller in asia, as did many others from the uk., hopefully i`ll be playing it soon.

They totally messed up with the uk release, and also the collectors edition. PC gamers always lose out. Though in this case, i think the console boys have lost out more, due to having to wait such a long time. shame really.


Gorath October 21st, 2008 19:31

They'll probably update the UK date soon. The stories I posted are based on things Ascaron mentioned in forum threads.

fatBastard() October 21st, 2008 22:38

I'm with Rendelius on this one. Sacred 2 is lot of fun to play but there are a lot of both minor and major bugs. The minor range from graphical errors to quests not exactly going as planned and the major bugs cause frequent CTD.

Luckily the game saves every time you move from and indoor environment to an outdoor environment and when activating obelisk (respawn points) so there is not necessarily that much wasted effort that needs to be redone, but it is very annoying nonetheless.

Given Ascaron's history with bugs, it might just be an advantage to get the console version of Sacred 2 (although I can't quite see how the game is to be played with a gamepad).

Gorath October 23rd, 2008 14:25

Newsbits about a Sacred 2 PC release in the UK and NA in November are popping up everywhere. Maybe the situation has changed in the UK.

CDV signed a 3-year cooperation contract with Atari US. Sacred 2 will be the first title. Sounds like major distribution to me. Date: Nov 11th.

Barghest October 23rd, 2008 22:55

UK release date is the 7th of November.


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