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Rills October 24th, 2008 00:50

NWN 1 nwn.ini and nwnplayer.ini Files
After a six year layoff (or so) I decided to reinstall and play NWN1 plus expansions and community modules. Yes, I want to tweak my current character but nothing uber. What I have found from research states, "You'll first have to edit a game file with a text editor. Make sure you back this file up before proceeding." And…

"In the game's folder, find the file named "nwn.ini." In the Game Options section of this file, add this phrase: Debug Mode=1"

* I have never done this before and I did go to my NWN Folder but I am lost as what to do next. After searching I haven't found either .ini files after searching through everything.

* What am I missing? Thanks.

Lucky Day October 24th, 2008 01:13

playing solo was never my thing so I never bothered with the debug mode/cheat option on my own. with it on though it gives you the option to use the console in game to change character stats and effects - ie. cheats.

you can get a character edito writtne in java but its been so long its name escapes me. argh!

dteowner October 24th, 2008 01:29

It would be far easier to download a trainer module. That will give you control over level, money, and equipment. I think the one I used was Deluxe Hall of Advanced Training, which you can grab at NWVault.

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