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Dhruin November 11th, 2006 00:06

NWN2 - Review @ Game Revolution
Game Revolution has posted a review of NWN2 with a score of 'B' and finding it all pretty straight forward:

You may wonder why Iíve waited so long to discuss the gameplay, but thereís not much to talk about. The point and click interface works almost identically, and you still use the spacebar constantly to pause and unpuase the game in order to perfect your strategy. Henchmen have become full party members, making Neverwinter Nights 2 pretty much a sequel to Baldurís Gate as well.
More information.

screeg November 11th, 2006 00:06

JESUS! NWN2 is NOT a "sequel to Baldur's Gate", nor is it a "sequel to Baldur's Gate2". There are a few, superficial things the two games have in common.

The following I'm just going to copy and paste from a post I made elsewhere:

In Neverwinter, there is no one to talk to who is not plot related or a merchant. And the merchants have nothing to say. Everyone (I mean EVERYONE) else is called "Neverwinter Citizen".

You can't enter the houses. I mean you cannot enter a single building that is not related to a quest. They don't have entrances.

I've been through two entire districts and there is not one sidequest, except those related to your party members. Everything is about the main plot.

There are no areas you can accidentally discover. Out in the wilderness I looked at the automap (which by the way reveals all the terrain) and determined to leave the road at right angles and see what might be out there. I met a dire wolf and wolf pack hovering around a corpse and a cave entrance! This is what a fun RPG is about, thought me. I killed the wolves, the corpse was nameless and had a few trinkets on it. The cave was actually just a graphic, there was no entrance.

NWN2 has 25% of the dialogue of Baldur's Gate crammed into 5% of the NPC's. That hardly merits comparison to BG or BG2.

*disclaimer: I like Neverwinter Nights 2. I understand that it is the best thing to come along since BG2. It does not follow that NWN2 is some kind of spiritual successor. The only thing it is a spiritual successor to is KOTOR2.

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