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Ubbax November 11th, 2008 23:07

Trouble loading News Frontpage
I'm having trouble loading the Rpgwatch News Frontpage. It appears to be related to a specific piece of news: King's Bounty: Armored Princess - Offical Announcement.

Everything loads/displays fine up until I hit that news bit.
Then this is the text I see:

King's Bounty: Armored Princess - Offical Announcement
by Myrthos, 12:49
We've reported about this add-on before, but here is the official annoucnement from 1C:


At that point the page stops loading and I get the pop-up bar:
"This website wants to run the following add-on: "ietag.dll" …"

Yes I know I could just accept the download for the add-on but It's never requested this before and not just to display a particular news bit. I'm curious as to why?

I took a screenshot of how the page displays for me however I do not seem to be able to add it to this post. When I click on the "attachment paper clip" in the editor it opens a new browser displaying the login page which just keeps requesting I login no matter how many times I try.

I'm running fully updated Windows XP Pro with SP3 and IE7 v7.0.5730.11

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Corwin November 11th, 2008 23:11

I had no problem loading the front news page a few moments ago. Perhaps it has something to do with that virus you're using called IE!! :)

woges November 11th, 2008 23:20

I got some weird ActiveX thing in that news bit in Outlook.

woges November 11th, 2008 23:27

There was a lot of messy code in there I cleaned it up so it should be fine now.

Ubbax November 11th, 2008 23:39

Works great now, does not request the add-on "ietag.dll" either.
Thanks very much guys :)

@ Corwin, Unfortunately oh Ancient One some of us are forced to use various Microsoft viruses on certain PCs ;)

Any ideas about the editors "Attachment button" requesting cycling login requests?

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woges November 11th, 2008 23:58

I checked it out and I don't have that problem in IE7.

Ubbax November 12th, 2008 00:13


Originally Posted by woges (Post 103138)
I checked it out and I don't have that problem in IE7.

Thanks Wages, I just tested it again now and there is no problem with the editor.
Everything is back to normal and working fine now.

Thanks to everyone who assisted.

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Naked Ninja October 28th, 2009 18:01

Hi Guys. I see nothing but a blank white page when I try loading RPGWatch.com now, been like this for about a week? I can access the forums, but nothing loads the news page, not different browsers, not hard reloading.

Myrthos October 28th, 2009 18:20

It works just fine here. Can you reproduce that on a different PC?

Arhu October 28th, 2009 19:09

This sounds like the problem I had shortly when I messed up one of my internal thingies (Myrthos: the two files I accidentally overwrote in arhu/).

I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything to the public version though and the site displays fine for me too.

Naked Ninja October 28th, 2009 21:45


It works just fine here. Can you reproduce that on a different PC?
Yep, both my home PC and work PC. Really odd.

Myrthos October 29th, 2009 00:26

Can you delete your rpgwatch cookies and see if that helps?

Coar October 29th, 2009 10:03

Same problem. I only get a blank white page for rpgwatch.com

Been like that for about a week. I thought you had a VERY extended maintenance. ;)

Arhu October 29th, 2009 13:13

I did change the header slightly last Sunday (changing the default theme to dark for those without cookies), but I'm not sure if that's the problem, since it's working for others. Could it be cache related?

Myrthos October 29th, 2009 13:21

You can try if having the SHIFT key pressed while reloading the page solves it.

Coar October 29th, 2009 14:45

Shift doesn't help.

Not sure what else to try. It's weird.

Unless people have saved the forum link, they probably can't/won't get in touch with you either.

GothicGothicness October 29th, 2009 16:20

It happens occasionally to me too… not that the entire page go blank… but that it fails to load most of the content. It's quite strange because sometimes the loading stops in the middle of an article, and if I reload the same thing keeps happening… until I try again much later // changing browser and or cleaning cookies doesn't appear to help it //… maybe it is a performance problem ? do you guys have any logs to check these this in ? like apache or whichever webserver you are using ?

Probably it is a different problem though, since it always go blank for you Coar.

Toaster October 29th, 2009 16:22

I asked two of my friends who have never visited the site to test it, and it worked fine for both of them, using Firefox and Safari respectively.

magerette October 29th, 2009 16:49

I deleted all my cookies and temp internet files the other day, and it's given me no problems in Firefox.

Myrthos October 29th, 2009 16:51

mmm. Can you visit http://mmo.rpgwatch.com or http://www.locusinn.com ?
They are based on the same system as RPGWatch.

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