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Dhruin December 7th, 2008 08:52

Sacred 2 - Review @ games extreme
Sacred 2 has been reviewed at games extreme, with a score of 7.8/10. Here's a sample:

Diablo 3 is a long way off and I've played Sacred, Titan Quest and many others to death. So I was pretty stoked to hear that Ascaron were back with Sacred 2 and this time it would be a bigger, expansive and even more loot-filled grind-fest. It is, and I like that. I don't really care that the story is generic and fairly unfocussed since I'm having too much fun indulging my psychopathic kill-maim-destroy tendencies just like I did in Painkiller.

In many ways Sacred 2 is the Painkiller of the RPG world at the moment, it's not quite up to the standard of the original Sacred in some ways but in others it leaves the first game standing. It's got flaws, minor and major and some of them cause the good old crash to desktop (where would we be without that beloved bug in our games eh?), graphic glitches and anomalies. Yet those don't stop me liking the game since it's giving me what I wanted, an excuse to take out six different classes drawn from the good and evil sides in the game.
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Santos December 7th, 2008 08:52

I haven't played this since the close of beta (I guess it's safe to say that now). I am reading about people whose save games get corrupt at certain points (i.e. specific levels) which seems suspiciously like copy protection checks to me. Can anyone confirm or deny this, and, if so, has it been known to happen to people with legitimate copies? If so, I'll avoid even in the bargain bin. Thanks.

Dhruin December 7th, 2008 11:55

What levels?

szokol December 7th, 2008 11:57

I have an original copy, and my lvl. 37 high elf has not encountered any leveling problems yet.
I have not heard about savegame corruptions, but the copy protection stops leveling in badly cracked games.

If you like aRPG's, I suggest to buy it, the last patch really helped a lot. This game is 9/10 for me, defenetly the best of it's kind.

VPeric December 7th, 2008 13:23

There's a level check at 27 IIRC, you just stop gaining experience after that level (well, more like, you gain 1 per monster and need n tens of thousands to level).

But anyway, the problem has been… solved after the NA release. If you catch my drift. :P

Santos December 8th, 2008 02:49

Thanks. I'm glad to hear it. I will likely pick this up when the price drops a bit. From what I have seen, there is still no GUI scale (text is very small), otherwise I might bite the bullet and buy now. Oh, and to answer the earlier question, I was reading that the games got corrupt in the early teens, somewhere. I could care less if this happened on the cracked versions, but it if happened to anyone playing a retail copy, I wanted to be forewarned.

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