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Prime Junta January 4th, 2009 20:35

SoZ broke original campaign and MotB?
I've picked up the OC and MotB again for a bit, and all kinds of weird things have ensued since I installed SoZ. For example, the Skymirror quest in the OC breaks strangely -- when I click on some of the trees after I've cast the spells on them, I get a pop-up with a description of the tree… with no way to close the pop-up, and no way to do anything other than spin the camera and pause/unpause the game. In MotB, I've got Efrem and Susa following me around asking to find Kaelyn, even though Kaelyn is standing right next to them; also occasionally they turn into "ghost icons" (when doing an area transition), and sometimes magically reappear after another transition, or a reload (with the ghost icons remaining on occasion). Sometimes after this kind of weirdness, I get a freeze or a CtD.

IOW, it looks like Obsidian's QA boo-booed here in a non-trivial way. Anyone with similar experiences?

Starwars January 4th, 2009 21:07

The Skymirror thing is a confirmed bug and fixed in the beta patch (1.22, should be out in January I guess). I managed to solve by making sure it was the player character who "spoke" with the trees. I got the same issue as you did whenever I used Elanee to "speak" with the trees.

I played through MotB with the latest patch and I didn't have any of those problems, nor have I seen any reports of them on the forums. Sounds like something have broken for you.

Prime Junta January 5th, 2009 17:58

The Efrem and Susah thing may not be related at all; this is the first time I actually held them to their promise to help me with Okku, and this happened. I think that most people would do like I did before, i.e. release them from the promise to get brownie points with Kaelyn (and a funny hat). It's kinda annoying to have those two kill-stealers along; they just summon a bunch of planetars for every fight, which means they're over real quick.

Maylander January 7th, 2009 07:03

I've actually never forced them to help out. I always grab the hat. I take it they're gone after you're done with Okku?

Prime Junta January 7th, 2009 07:22

I reloaded an older save, and now it went according to script: after I wasted Okku, a dialog ensued, there was a short exchange between them and Kaelyn, and off they went. No other major weirdness then.

Some minor weirdness, though: occasionally summoned critters which are supposed to be unsummoned on map transition linger on as "ghosts" -- their character icons stay on but with the health bar at zero. Not even summoning replacements exorcises them. Saving and reloading will, though.

Starwars January 7th, 2009 20:52

Sounds like a script didn't fire properly, I've had that happen once or twice in the OC.

I get that "ghost" thing also thing, and it's weird since I only get it in MotB. At least it doesn't affect anything.

Prime Junta January 8th, 2009 21:41

Ack, now I ran into something more serious.


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