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magerette January 23rd, 2009 20:58

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - Demo Available
Infinitive Interactive has released both a downloadable and online flash demo of their soon to be released successor to Puzzle Quest, Galactrix. You can find the 132.5 MB download at Atomic Gamer, Computergames.ro, and GamersHell.
The online demo is available here. Nice music.
More information.

Alrik Fassbauer January 23rd, 2009 20:58

Interesting, which download servers of Gamershell are the most full ones … if the "fullness" relates to this game …

Which could be used as an indicator where the game is most anticipated.

But on the other hand there's no way I could say if the graphs show a general "working load" of the servers, or only related to this game.

kalniel January 23rd, 2009 21:59

It's general load, and much of it due to the FEAR 2 demo I expect.

Arhu January 23rd, 2009 22:42

Well, that was fun. Interesting mission types too. I must admit that I never played the full version of Puzzle Quest (shame on me), but I find Galactrix refreshing. The demo just ended with a locked jump gate though, which was a bit weird. No message or anything telling you that the demo has ended.

In a way this game reminds me of Weird Worlds for its simple but addicting gameplay and space atmosphere.


Originally Posted by magerette (Post 1060929962)
The online demo is available here. Nice music.

I'm sure I've heard the melody before because I was immediately humming to it, but where?

Alrik Fassbauer January 24th, 2009 01:12

@Arhu: Puzzle Quest is nowadays available for 15 Euros in Germany.

lef January 24th, 2009 17:43


Originally Posted by Arhu (Post 1060929974)
I'm sure I've heard the melody before because I was immediately humming to it, but where?

Which melody are you talking about?

Arhu January 24th, 2009 18:07


Originally Posted by lef (Post 1060930101)
Which melody are you talking about?

The one by the male voice in the title song. I thought it reminded me of Kirill Pokrovski's music from Divinity, but I couldn't find it. Maybe it's from a movie or TV series? Or a popular song?

lef January 24th, 2009 18:22

Ah, I see. Well, a lot of music sounds alike these days. Who knows.
It's not Divinity 1's maintheme, btw - different melody.

txa1265 January 24th, 2009 18:51

Fun stuff … can't wait for the DS version next month!

Arhu February 21st, 2009 02:52

Found it. :)

Well, not that I was actively searching or anything, but it was played on one of my online radio channels. It's more of an ocean song compared to the space theme of Galactrix, but it's longer and the vocal melody should sound very familiar if you've played the demo. Beautiful relaxation piece, either way.

Diane Arkenstone - Voice of the Sea

Alrik Fassbauer February 21st, 2009 13:45

Diane Arkenstone ? What a name !

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