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Dhruin November 15th, 2006 13:28

Dark Messiah - Review @ Worthplaying
Worthplaying is the latest site to review Dark Messiah. The score is 8.6/10 and here's a snippet:

Dark Messiah has some of the best scripted scenes of any game I have ever played. Early on, you are perched on a horse conversing calmly with a castle guard. Suddenly, the ground starts to shake and the guards and townsfolk start freaking out. Your horse bucks you off and you land flat on your back. Screams of "Cyclops!" alert you to the cause of all the commotion. As the guards drag you to safety, you catch a brief glimpse of the beast entering the town, and it is fearsome! An excellent, dramatic musical score enhances the tension.
More information.

txa1265 November 15th, 2006 13:28


no self-respecting FPS fan should overlook.
That is something I more or less agree with. There is definitely more to appeal to FPS gamers than RPG fans in DMoMM.

I disagree with much of what is in there: positioning someone to kick them off a ledge is not 'tactics' and listening before entering a room and edging in to find the environmental exploit before they come after you isn't 'stealth'.

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