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magerette March 2nd, 2009 16:26

Eschalon: Book II - Screenshot Update @ Official Site
Basilisk Games has updated their page for Eschalon: Book II with a collection of their most recent screenshots. Some of them have appeared in the Colony of Gamers interview and elsewhere, but now you can check them all out in one place.
More information.

magerette March 2nd, 2009 16:27

First time I've seen a portrait of one of the female avatars (in the dialogue-box shot second from the top.) Very nice.

skavenhorde March 2nd, 2009 16:52

Agghhh too much coolness in one day!!! Eschalon looks great, the humongous mods look great, AoD looks great, Dragon Age looks great, Blood Bowl looks great, Drakensang (from what I hear still don't have it over here yet) looks great. What's next Bethesda decides to go in a new direction and make Fallout 4 a third person, turn based game?

Not complaining mind you, it's just so weird to see this much good news in one day.

These are the first screenshots I've seen of Eschalon II (I try not to get too much info on a game too early)and gotta say LOOKS GREAT ;) sorry had to add one more in there. Seriously though the game is looking like a good improvement over the first one.

magerette March 2nd, 2009 16:58

I agree completely, skav. I'm just now getting around to playing Book I, and the higher resolution and art here are very impressive and a big step forward. I also like all those "challenges" they've added--instant replayability. :)

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