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Prime Junta March 13th, 2009 12:35

Purgatorio: good news and bad news…
I just checked out the Planescapetrilogy forums, and there's good news and bad news about the Purgatorio mod.

The good news is that the files have been uploaded to NWN2Vault, and should be available for public download whenever they make them available.

The bad news is that this is a "demo" -- not the full mod.

The other good news is that Rogue Dao is still hard at work, and more stuff is on the way.

Nevertheless, I'm very keen to take another trip to Sigil. It's been a long time.


Allow me to clear up the speculation, and make the official announcement:

I found some bugs last-minute, that needed to be repaired, before I could package. As a result, upload schedule was a few hours behind. File upload started at officially 4:14 am EST, Friday the 13th. Files might not get uploaded for public consumption until Saturday, as a result.

If it means anything to you, I am literally now ending a 44-hour straight work session, with absolutely not a single minute of sleep, in order to get both a couple more nifty features active and a hopefully even smoother playing experience. That, and final packaging of course.

I really gave it my all people, tried my best to keep this promise we made to you and keep this deadline. Missed by a few hours, I think. I've got nothing left to give for the minute, it's all been given to this noble effort. And I'm far beyond exhausted from it. But despite all that, I'm still very happy (and relieved) that we'll get to share the fruit of our long labors with all of you, and soon.

We really hope you enjoy what you you experience. We hope this demo is at least worth some of the long wait. We are certainly proud of what we've got to offer you.

Rest assured, after a much-needed modders' vacation, there is plenty more coming from us at Rogue Dao! Who knows---maybe you'll come and join us this time.

Now pike off, ye barmy spire climbers!
And let the games begin!

Bill Harper
Co-Lead Designer, Rogue Dao Studios
Ref: [ http://www.roguedao.com/phpBB2/viewt…=1591&start=15 ]

VPeric March 13th, 2009 12:40

Purgatorio is going to require the latest patch, right?

Prime Junta March 13th, 2009 12:48

Right. I'm updating my copy of NWN2 as I type…

Starwars March 13th, 2009 12:52

I believe there will still be plenty of stuff to do in this release though. But the main quest for example will not be in. So it'll be more of a sandbox this time I guess.
They basically really wanted to get the custom content out (there is a lot of it) out to other builders and also present the mod in its current shape. I think they're also keen on recruiting more members to finish it.

EDIT: If you want to lighten the download a bit later when the actual mod is released, you can start downloading the excellent soundtrack now: http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view….Detail&id=718

magerette March 13th, 2009 19:46

Thanks for the update. I was hoping not to have to deal with that NWN2 camera ever again, but looks like I may have to make the sacrifice for this one. :)

Prime Junta March 13th, 2009 20:03


Originally Posted by magerette (Post 1060938410)
Thanks for the update. I was hoping not to have to deal with that NWN2 camera ever again, but looks like I may have to make the sacrifice for this one. :)

The camera's behaving a lot better these days, you just have to tweak the settings a bit.

Prime Junta March 14th, 2009 10:27

Walp, it's available.

[ http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view….Detail&id=353 ]

It's a whole stack of disconnected files, though. I think I'll give this a pass after all, and wait for some more completed stuff to come out.

RivianWitch March 14th, 2009 10:57


Originally Posted by Prime Junta (Post 1060938418)
The camera's behaving a lot better these days, you just have to tweak the settings a bit.

Could you possibly give details? I still have not even finished the OC because of that irritating camera. :(

Prime Junta March 14th, 2009 12:03

They pretty much rewrote it around when MotB came out. There are lots of different modes now; I'm fairly certain you'll find one that works for you if you experiment with them a bit. I use "always centered on main character" and "strategy view," with mouse location controlling camera elevation and rotation. It works for me; it's in fact not unlike NWN1, except that it allows for a bit more control.

RivianWitch March 14th, 2009 18:29

Thanks - I do have MotB, so will installing it help for the OC as well? Or do the improvement only relate to MotB? Apparently I can play MotB without having to finish the OC first. Would you advise that or not?

Prime Junta March 14th, 2009 19:16

You don't need to install MotB to get the new camera controls; just make sure the game is updated to the latest version. The only difference MotB makes to the OC is that the new races (and classes) become available for you to play. MotB has some spoilers about the OC, so I would recommend finishing the OC first.

RivianWitch March 14th, 2009 20:14

Ah, ok thanks. I'll exercise a bit of self-discipline then.

wolfing March 17th, 2009 15:03

the mode that works for me is to have the camera *detached* from the character, and in strategic view. That way, I move the camera where and when I want it, instead of the game moving it all over the place. It also helps in just moving the camera to a place, click on the ground and have the pathfinding do the traveling.

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