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Arma November 17th, 2006 08:44

I'm always like that with long series - I started the Wheel of Time at book 3, then 2, then read the rest 4-11 (and now I want to strangle the author).

Corwin November 17th, 2006 09:48

Why do you want to strangle him?

Arma November 17th, 2006 12:07

Lot's of reasons, but that merits a whole new topic … Let's say that after WoT Book 11 I still have the same urges, as Jordan plans to prolong this series indefinately. You may have heard that in Knife of Dreams stuff actually does happen (as opposed to the last 5 books), however, in my opinion it is stuff that never should have taken place in the first place.

Corwin November 17th, 2006 12:13

:) It would be fun to write a plot summary of the first 10 books and see if you got ONE decent sized book from it!! :)

Arma November 17th, 2006 13:01

There are. If I find them, I'd start a new topic of Isam's (I hope I got the name right) hilarious WoT summaries.

On another note, corwin, you might split the last few posts as a WoT topic …

Corwin November 17th, 2006 15:10

I'm not the Mod of this forum, Jaz is!!

Jaz November 18th, 2006 13:08

*grumble* …I split the thread as desired.

Arma November 18th, 2006 15:38

To sum up, I hate how in the latest books there is absolutely no stuff happening. They seem like an endless tea sipping, dress making, going places to do pointless stuff and so on. Knife of Dreams is no exlusion to the rule (spoilers ahead) - While Perrin-Faile-Shaido storylines comes to an end, it is a thing that had to end at least 2 books ago. Mat's stroyline also comes to fruitition of a sort, but that is no excuse for him doing nothing in the last 5 books. Elayne's succesion of Andor still drags on as is the siege of the Tower :sigh: /end of Spoilers

And there is still no news on who killed Asmo, one of the few things that keep people like me reading on.

Corwin November 19th, 2006 01:54

And what has happened to Morgase?

Arma November 19th, 2006 09:55

corwin, if you so much want to get spoiled - she survived, I believe. Morgase is now just one of those million of side characters that I don't care of …

Corwin November 19th, 2006 14:55

I know she survived, but she hasn't appeared in the last 4-5 books!! She's one of the mysteries!! I actually think book 4 was the worst for nothing happening!!

Arma November 19th, 2006 16:12

corwin, how far are you into the series? When Rahvin was killed by Rand in Book 5 (The Fires of Heaven) Morgase was fleeing the castle and went to Amadicia into Pedron Nial's hands (he was the Lord Commander or whatever the title of the Children of the Light). After that, when the Seanchan invaded Amadicia from Tanchico, Morgase, Tallanvor, Lily and some other people I can't bring up their names even, ran into Perrin and Faile (however they used up different names) and were captured along by the Seanchan. In shord, Morgase is following right in the tracks of her foolish daugher and Egwene of being captured in foolish ways by everyone that is currently available.

Maylander November 20th, 2006 01:16

I wouldn't say "indefinetly", as book 12 is the final book. Everything will be ended then.

Also, book 11 is, in my opinion, one of the best so far. Lots of fighting, lots of stuff happening, several story lines finally coming to an end. Things start to shape up really. I can smell the final battle on the horizon now, and with (EXTREME SPOILER ALERT) Moiraine coming back soon it'll all be good..

Lucky Day November 20th, 2006 01:52

having just ended my second run as host and M'Hael for WoT: the Third Age for NWN I've become relatively knowledgeable on this subject I think.

Let me sum this response that..we are assuming book 12 will even be finished considering RJ's health.

There are now so many plot threads now that can't be resolved in a single book (at his pace) that he's already talking of spin off novels and has now said they will be about Mat and Tuon. I think we can expect very little on finishing the two prequels. Fans don't seem too interested in those right now and neither does he. In fact, it seems like he just wants to start Memory of Light at this point.

But keep this in mind: the series was supposed to finish in 6 books originally but it was books 8-11 that hit the New York Times bestseller list at No 1.

Corwin November 20th, 2006 06:29

Arma, I've finished 10 books and will begin book 11 as soon as I have some time to read it. Two things called NWN2 and G3 are getting in the way!! :)

Arma November 20th, 2006 09:17

Actually, the very first version of Bobby used to be that the series would be 3 books longs. See the irony?

Exactly what stuff happens in KoD? Pretty much nothing important. Or interesting. Even something that someone cares about. Nobody cares about the other two prequel novels, but he'll write them anyway, probably after he completes Memory of Light.

Corwin November 20th, 2006 13:17

OK, What is Memory of Light?

Arma November 20th, 2006 16:57

Working title of Book 12

Maylander November 20th, 2006 19:08

Well, the other prequel he wrote outside of the series, New Spring, was quite good, so I wouldn't mind more books like that if they focus on the right people(Lan is always a winner). The relationship between Tuon and Mat is not something I'd want to read a whole book about though, as I find the parts with them fairly boring already.

Anything containing Egwene and that subplot or Tuon and that subplot is uninteresting to me, the rest is great. Unfortunately, book 10 was all about those two subplots, so it was the worst book so far in my opinion. Luckily he's not focusing on them anymore though, and book 11 really brought the series back on track.

Arma November 20th, 2006 22:20

Egwene and the whole White Tower business with the Rebels and so on, is one of the few things that still spark some minor interesting. Egwene is only mildly irritating compared to other titans in the seim vein as Elayne and the whole cast of Perrin's subplot. I really hate the way the latter books turned out for Perrin and Faile, as they were probably my fav characters in The Dragon Reborn (first WoT book I read).

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