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Londonchris November 18th, 2006 12:51

Thanks to….
Those who told me to stop playing Gothic 2 and go buy Gothic 1 and play that first.
Really has been good.
57 hours so far and still got the last shaman and the sleeper to sort out.
Have had a few minor probs (1 crash to desktop & couple of freezes) but overall acceptable.
Obviously i get abit bored of hearing "can yoooooo teach me something?" when i meet diego or whatever his name is,when i know he already has/can!
Probably take a few years yet before we get a game thats "perfect" ,just have to help things along with abit of imagination and stop being too critical i guess.
Anyway, money and time well spent.
Overall a thumbs up from me and hopefully i`ll enjoy the rest of the series……..!

Wulf November 18th, 2006 18:29

Yes Londonchris, G1 is a classic, it will be remembered forever in the gaming world.

SlamDunk November 23rd, 2006 14:05

You chose the right path, my friend :)

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