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JDR13 March 17th, 2009 21:48

A little confused about ability trees. (Signs)
This might be a stupid question, but why are some of the abilities on different tiers the exact same? For instance, the Igni tree has "Igni Student" with the description "Attack from a distance" as a Tier 1 level up. Then it has "Igni Apprentice" as a Tier 2 level up with the exact same description. The "Igni Specialist" in Tier 3 again has the same description. I don't get it, is there supposed to be a cumulative bonus?

Now Aard on the other hand, shows a +25% bonus for Apprentice, +50% for specialist, +75% for Expert, etc.

Did the devs just not complete the descriptions for some of the level ups, or am I simply misinterpreting them?

Also, am I to assume that damage bonuses on different tiers are cumulative? For instance, the "Harms Way" talent in Tier 1 of Igni shows a +10% damage bonus. The "Harms Way II" in Tier 2 shows a +20% bonus. Does the latter simply take the place of the former, or do they equal a 30% bonus if you have both?

Dhruin March 17th, 2009 23:51

I think what you're missing is that these represent different phases of your attack. I don't have The Witcher open to make sure I've understood your examples but the different tiers represent each attack in the combos. In other words, if you get one hit in, that's the first branch. If you string two attacks together successfully, you get the bonuses from the first branch for hit #1, then the bonuses from the second branch for hit #2 and so on. Does that make sense?

JDR13 March 18th, 2009 00:06

Ok, I just discovered the PDF manual in my Witcher folder that I wasn't aware I had. The descriptions of abilities are more complete in the manual. Evidently each level of Igni allows you to use it at a greater distance. I don't understand why the devs chose to omit that information in the descriptions on the abilities screen.


Originally Posted by Dhruin (Post 1060938984)
I think what you're missing is that these represent different phases of your attack.

Thanks Dhruin, I understood that about the sword abilities already. Do you know if the damage bonuses are cumulative like in my example above?

Dhruin March 18th, 2009 01:56

That's what happens when you reply without checking, at my age - sorry. ;)

Bonuses aren't cumulative as best I remember.

JDR13 March 18th, 2009 02:00


Originally Posted by Dhruin (Post 1060939006)
Bonuses aren't cumulative as best I remember.

Mmm, doesn't make much sense to even have some of the abilities if that's the case, just a waste of talent points. Why should anyone invest in the +10%, if they can just wait and invest in the +20% in the next tier?

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