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Horst Wessel November 22nd, 2006 00:59

RAM and Motherboard compatibility
Several times I got unlucky and bought RAM that was not defective- but incompatible with my motherboard. I could never find anything about RAM compatibility on ASUS website, or in my manual. Now I got another ASUS, and another stick of RAM that causes blue screen crushes but testing “perfect” with memory tests.

Any advice- how can I tell, other than by trial and error?

Thanks in advance

KazikluBey November 22nd, 2006 01:20

How can you know it's the RAM causing trouble if it tests out perfectly in memtest86 and the like?

Also, which mobo and memory did you get?

Horst Wessel November 22nd, 2006 08:08

Nspire Memory 1GB DDR2 533 PC4200
Motherboard - Asus AV8 Deluxe

How do I know? Memory swapped for Kingston Memory 1GMB DDR 400MHz PC3200 works fine… I tested with memtest86 for 30 hours and got no errors. Then they tested it in the shop and told me it ran well. But as soon as Windows is installed (after 3-4 attemptes to install it)- it would crush to a blue screen every four hours or so. Especially if I run Photoshop or Vampire Bloodlines…
Also, it happened twice before- same crushes, same cures. Ah, I just wish I knew how to tell before buying it.

slam23 November 22nd, 2006 09:32

I was told I had a RAM problem too with blue screens popping up seemingly at random intervals, but the modules checked out fine. I then did some net searching and came up with a different cause of BSOD that seems to be more common nowadays with computers having more and diverse hardware: IRQ conflicts. I checked which hardware was adressing the same IRQ and I had some double (and even one triple) adressing. Fixed that and presto: no blue screens anymore. Maybe a solution? I hope it helps.

Prime Junta November 22nd, 2006 11:09

At least Kingston has a mobo compatibility search on their website: [ http://www.kingston.com/ ]. (One reason I tend to prefer Kingston.)

txa1265 November 22nd, 2006 11:41

I also stick with Kingston. I use all laptops, but have never had problems with their stuff, and the last time I bought non-Kingston I had all sorts of issues. (yes, that was ~10 years ago, but still … )

bjon045 November 22nd, 2006 12:39

The most important thing when determining compatibility is making sure the motherboard can supply enough voltage for the ram. ASUS is notorious for supplying motherboards with insufficent vdimm allowances. DD2-800 (400mhz) memory for example requires roughly 2.1v for most brands, some can run at as low as 1.9v but that will normally be the best/most expensive stuff. A good DDD2 motherboard should be able to supply from 1.8v to 2.4v at least (changable in bios).

KazikluBey November 22nd, 2006 16:02


Originally Posted by Horst Wessel (Post 9331)
Nspire Memory 1GB DDR2 533 PC4200
Motherboard - Asus AV8 Deluxe

Err… That memory module isn't even listed on Nspire's website - according to it they've only made DDR1 modules, the best of them being 400MHz PC3200. And according to OCZ's website that motherboard is made for DDR1 modules, highest speed being 400MHz PC3200…


Originally Posted by Prime Junta (Post 9342)
At least Kingston has a mobo compatibility search on their website: [ http://www.kingston.com/ ]. (One reason I tend to prefer Kingston.)

Corsair and OCZ has the same thing.

I would only buy 'reputable brand' memory, such as Corsair, Kingston or OCZ.

Horst Wessel November 22nd, 2006 22:43

Thanks alot

I only wish ASUS would list all types of RAM that are compatible with the MB- I assume that as a rule one gets RAM for the motherboard, and not a motherboard that suits RAM

KazikluBey November 22nd, 2006 23:55

Yeah, find a motherboard that suits you, then find memory that suits the motherboard.

Asus does list what types of memory is supported though, ie: DDR1/2, ECC-compatible or not, un/buffered etc - but your motherboard appears to be too old for them to deem it necessary to list it on their website.

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