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curious November 22nd, 2006 09:42

nordmar map
ok this one took a lot more time than my temple of al-shadim map. remember the circles were drawn so if you are looking at your map with the compass pointing north it would be at the intersection between the head of the arrow and the shaft. i'd say this is over 95% complete including the few things i missed this time and some i had to leave out(paint only has so many colours). since i learned no smithing this time i also didn't put up the locations of where the smelters end up for that hard quest, maybe later. [update-i was able to do most of the quest since i took the sword reward for wiping out the orcs. however since i have no hunting skills i can't do the last part which requires a shadowbeast horn. but kalan is directly below the bridge to the fire clan and larson is just south of the prospectors camp. . plus there is probably a number of signposts missing but overall pretty complete. here is a break down of the tombs.

spoiler's ahead

akasha- in the NE and the ancestor stone is on a shaman in the orc camp.
angir- in the SE and their is an orc slayer there, who is not on the map, that will help you retrieve the ancestor stone from the shaman in the nearby camp.
baldir is to the north with the ancestor stone on a shadowbeast in a nearby cave.
berek is to the west with the ancestor stone on a named shaman who also carries a unique staff.
enjar is to the south and you must get the ancestor stone from ali's chest in faring.
snorre is to the east and the orcs are actually inside the tomb and once again the shaman has the ancestor stone.

Gorath November 22nd, 2006 23:06

Interesting. :)

I think the map should be much bigger and you should zoom into the relevant area.

curious November 23rd, 2006 00:00

yeah i actualy went to world of gothic for the first time in years last night and noticed that someone had a high quality map there and she had done a nordmar map already! but there's a few things on mine that's not on hers. in theory i could put them all again on that high quality map but, i would like to get my other 2 maps done and since the patch is 3 weeks of and i just finished my second playthrough gothic 3 is going to take a break for a month.

so yeah check out the maps on world of gothic in the help forum there nice quality. Looks like my temple map and the other 2 varant maps i'll get done today or tommorow will still be unique however. since i have a good plotter at work i might try printing out a copy of the high-quality map - something i've been searching for since even before gothic 3 arrived.

oh and 2 things not in the legend.

yellow = buried treasure
black = rear entrance to the ore furnace/ meeting point for raiding party

PolinaUtkina February 6th, 2010 18:36

hi, i'm having a lot of trouble finding Berek's tomb! i've looked everywhere. i came to the spot marked by x but there was just a mountain and a couple of bushes!:( can u PLZ give me directions on how to get there from the hammer clan!! :)

Wulf February 7th, 2010 00:48

There's an excellent set of G3 maps at Worldofplayers…

choose the Nordmar map by Larisa…

…if you can see the bridge above you when you when you're near the Bereks tomb location then you're on the wrong path, try the path from the opposite direction from the other clan. ;)

(ps. @curious - that first link is down) ;)

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