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Dhruin May 18th, 2009 14:37

NWN2: MoW - Review @ RPG Codex
Vince D. Weller has written a positive review of Mysteries of Westgate for RPG Codex. The article might be considered a little spoilerish, with VD supporting his points with examples:

When the game introduced me to a fallen paladin, I expected another Carth. Maybe Aerie. With a lot of whining and frowning. Instead the ex-paladin paid attention and learned from me. At some point he made a choice, inspired by my actions, and accepted an offer to became a champion of Shar, a truly evil and remorseless killer. He was given nice evil armor and an even nicer, evil two-hander. (Alternatively, you can help your ex-paladin to regain his paladinhood). Needless to say, I liked this development a lot. Well done, Ossian.

What I liked even more is that I told him "don't do it" in both cases (the above mentioned choices), but my influence was low and he rejected my opinion, especially since it contradicted with my gameplay choices.
More information.

woges May 18th, 2009 14:37

I decided to get this. It just reminds me of what I used to like about D&D when it first came out (small detailed adventures). Hope it's as good as it sounds.

blatantninja May 18th, 2009 19:11

I've been so slammed that I have yet to finish MotB or even install SoZ. However, I think I might buy this this weekend. I need to decompress and it seems like it could easily be finished in a long weekend (labor day here).

txa1265 May 19th, 2009 05:22

Nice read - obviously I agree.

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