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Gokyabgu November 23rd, 2006 12:30

Top 10 CRPGs of all time
I just want to open a message board here about this topic. I will be pleased if you list your top ten RPGs with your reason why you like them. Here is my list:

1) Baldurs Gate 2&TOB: Best RPG have ever walked the Earth. Epic story, vast game world, balanced and challenging difficulty setting, character interaction, feel of cleaning the map because of no monster spawning, graphics like art paintings (I don’t prefer latest 3d graphic technologies to this game), and many other reason i can not count that you might expect from an RPG.

2) Gothic 2: A world full of mysteries that shapes according to your actions and your status in society. Rewarding game structure who likes exploring, 3 different faction that you can choose…

3) Morrowind: First game that told what is the meaning of freedom. Alas, I could not find what i expect in Oblivion .

4) Divine Divinity: Excellent mix of Diablo style gameplay with vast realm that you can lost yourself in it as you please. You can even buy a house and furnish it as you like in this game.

5) Planescape: Torment: A Black Isle classic that takes place in the most sophisticated and philosophic fantasy realm ever made, Planescape; with a story that you can find only in best fantasy novels. When you play it, you feel like reading a perfect fantasy book. And, its graphics are state of art.

6) Vampire The Masquarade: Bloodlines: Fantastic vampire RPG that takes place in modern world. The game do not present you much freedom but it has the most interesting quests have ever made (You can track a snuff film in one quest). A Troika legend that gives FPS,TPS and horror game feeling at the same time. (Unfortunately with a selling value of only 75.000 caused Troika to shut its doors. People do not know what is ‘good game’.)

7) Arcanum: If you transfer elves and dwarves that live in a medieval realm to a world in an industry revolution, what will be the results? This wonderful RPG. Story that can make the player upside down in anytime in a vast world. Don’t let the graphics estrange you.

8) Star Wars:Knights Of The Old Republic: Reflects the Star Wars universe wonderfully. Gives your character the possibility to lean towards dark or light side according to your choices and actions (changes the appearance of it as well). Interactions with characters is in top form.

9) Icewind Dale: Linear but deep story with lots of action that you can use different tactics.

10) Wizardry 8: The most perfect RPG system that i have ever witnessed. Your PCs gain experience with fighting and solving quest, at the same time your skills develop if you use them. Well balanced turn based system.

Corwin November 23rd, 2006 12:37

The problem with your list, is that it only contains games released in the last few years!! Your title states ALL TIME!! Sorry, while I really like most of the games you mention, you have ignored several that MUST be on the list. I could mention some of the M&M games, System Shock, or even DX, but really, I only need one word:- ULTIMA!!

Gokyabgu November 23rd, 2006 14:02

For me, 2001 and 2002 are golden years for CRPGs. Many games on my top ten list comes from this period. This doesn't mean I did not play or love Ultima, M&M, Fallout, Diablo series. Just, they can not enter my top ten list. So it is 'my' list. Then, i expect yours. :)

Maylander November 23rd, 2006 17:38

My list:
1. Baldur's Gate 2. This is simply amazing in every aspect.
2. Gothic 1 - still the very best open world RPG I've played.
3. Placescape: Torment - dialogues anyone? Doesn't get better than this.
4. Gothic 2 - bigger and better than G1, but still lacked a certain something for me in terms of atmosphere.
5. Baldur's Gate 1 - Basically BG2 but without all the improvements.
6. Gothic 3 - Yes indeed, you find it on my top ten, despite all the bugs. Once you get through it a couple of times you'll find that it has strong points no other game to date has(at least not in full 3D).
7. Arcanum - Had loads of brilliant ideas, but fails to be mentioned by too many as a great RPG, possibly because it had too many new ideas and not enough of what people expected at the time. I still consider it among the greats though.
8. Might and Magic 6 - this is quite possibly the biggest game I've ever played. I have no idea how many days or weeks it took me to get through it, but we're talking at least twice as long as any other game. The only drawback is the rather weird ending, but otherwise this is a winner.
9. Might and Magic 7 - a bit smaller than M&M6, but with slightly better graphics and smoother gameplay it was still a great game. I like how the game has various paths to complete it, not many games have that.
10. Neverwinter Nights 2 - does it really deserve it? Yes, for one reason: The ressurrection of Baldur's Gate. This is the first game in years that resembles BG in gameplay and NPCs, and I feel it should be mentioned on a top 10 list because it is the only game nowadays that brings new hope and maybe a new future to oldschool RPGs.

There are many other games I should mention, of course, such as KotOR, but in general linear games never make it into my list, as I love decisions decisions decisions. Also, games like Ultima and FF should be mentioned, but I'm not a great fan of Japanese style RPGs, unlike our good friend Corwin here. It's a matter of taste, of course, but I am capable of seeing what makes Ultima and FF great, despite not placing them in my top 10.

Naked_Lunch November 23rd, 2006 18:29

1. Ultima VII: Utterly groundbreaking and amazing game with non-linearity only (just barely) matched by Gothic 3. The sheer amount of things you can do in the game blows my mind and the fact that I've been playing it for 5 years and beaten dozens of times and yet I STILL find new things really makes me a happy camper 'bout this one.

2. Prelude to Darkness: Rather obscure freeware rpg (GOOGLE IT!) that excels in all areas. It has a great character system that combines traditional stat-based leveling with a daggerfall-like system of leveling up by item usage. It has amazing options and consequences. I can't think of a quest in the game that doesn't have less than 2 different distinct ways of completing it/failing it. The combat is easily the best I've played in any game and my goodness, I just cannot get over this game. It is living proof that hardwork and dedication get you a lot further than just big budgets and hype.

3. Arcanum: Fallout done better, in my opinion. Much more expanded world, breathtaking dialogues (Especially when you look in the editor and see what goes on behind the scenes). Amazing.

4. Gearhead: Yet another obscure freeware game, this time a neato post-apocalyptic roguelike. Has a fantastic character system with over 20 classes, all useful and fun to play. A huge world with plenty of things to do, characters to see, things to kill, mechas to build.

5. Fallout: DUH, my friends. Duh.

6 & 7. Gothic 2 and 3: True sucessors to Ultima. 2 is pretty much 3D Ultima VII and 3 is plain and simple just mindblowing in it's scope and how well it pulled it off.

8: Divine Divinity: If it didn't have so much hack 'n slash, it would easily dominate the top five simply for the world interaction and characters. Shame Beyond Divinity was such garbage and that DivDiv 2 doesn't look too good.

9. Darklands: Probably one of the most large and complex games in existence, even if it is a bit dated. There is really nothing you can't do in this game. You can be an alchemist and actually be useful beyond making potions. You can rob castles, sack cities, all sorts of fantastic stuff. All done in '92, too! So ahead of it's time…

10. Ancient Domains of Mystery: Just the most hack 'n slashin' fun you can have with ASCII.

Fenris November 23rd, 2006 19:19

1. Fate - Gates of Dawn
This Game was just amazing… around 1990 on Amiga.. a Bard's Tale-Clon with so many great Features (You could play 4 Partys a 7 People, everyone had a basic personality and the classes were just great - i.e. Jesters, Nymphs, Knights, Banshees… over 40 classes IIRC and still different to play…)

2. Realms of Arkania I - Blade of Destiny
The Dark Eye was the first PnP-RPG I stumbled upon, and Blade of Destiny captured the feeling of the Game excellent… so much to do and to see ;)

3. Realms of Arkania II - Startrail
More Dark-Eye-Goodness ;)

4. Legend of Faerghail (Amiga only, PC-Version sucks)
Another old german Bard's Tale-Clone… again with nice classes, interesting enemys and for the time - and only on Amiga, PC-Version was EGA :( - beautyful graphics.

5. Baldur's Gate 2
The Personality of the NPCs made this Game great… a pity that Throne of Bhaal turnt into a hackfest.

6. Baldur's Gate 1
Roaming in a big and open world with good friends… especially with the Tutu and NPC-Mods.

7. Planescape Torment
Great Story, fascinating Characters.

8. Dungeon Master
I still can recitate most Rune-Names and Spells - the first first-Person-Real Time RPG… I remember the scary Sekeletons and the dangerous purple Worms… and Chaos strikes back was one of the hardest and best AddOns ever…

9. Neverwinter Nights
ok… the OC was terrible, but the AddOns were nice Games and some community-created Stuff is just awesome… especially if you can play it with 4 or more friends ;)

10. Vampire - Bloodlines
Great Game, great Characters, fantastic Atmosphere… but buggy as hell and horrible rushed at the end.

*sigh* I haven't played my top 4 Games in years because they are either Dos or Amiga-Games… (Save vs. Nostalgia failed ^^).

Lucky Day November 23rd, 2006 20:03

1. Ultima III - Leagues ahead of any computer game of its time.
2. Ultima IV - Compeltely changed RPG
3. Wizardry I - see 1
4. Baldur's Gate 2
5. Icewind Dale
6. Fallout 2
7. Wizardy 8
8. Dark Heart of Uukrul
9. Might and Magic 2
10. Wizardy IV
11. Neverwinter Nights
12. Bard's Tale I

Alrik Fassbauer November 23rd, 2006 20:50

Some friends of mine DEFINITIVELY put Ambermoon & Amberstar into that list, games I've never played.

I'll post mine later.

Fenris November 23rd, 2006 21:03

Hehe… I would place them at Number 11 (Amberstar) and 12… and Albion Number 13… *sigh* the golden Days of german CRPGs…

HiddenX November 23rd, 2006 21:06

I am cheating a bit, because I simply played to many rpgs over time:

1) Planescape Torment
this one is like a novel with wonderful characters
2) Wizardry 6, 7, 8
the best turn based combat party rpg triology ever
3) Albion
perfect blend of Wizardry and Ultima - superb story
4) Ultima 7 - all parts & Ultima Underworld 1+2
the Grandfather of all living worlds
5) Might & Magic 2-7
great turn based series, with many riddles and puzzles
6) Fallout 1+2
this game is simply fun - great style
7) Gothic 1, 2 NOTR
8) Baldur's Gate 2 + Throne of Baal
Re-Invention of the good old "Gold Box Games"
9) Jagged Alliance 1, Deadly Games, 2 + Deidranna Lives / Urban Chaos / Wildfire
the very best strategy combat rpg
10) System Shock 1+2
the best rpg with all other humans dead :)

Honorable Mentions:
Betrayal at Krondor, Genforge1-3, Avernum(=Exile)1-4, Vampire - the Masquerade, NWN 1+2, Nordland triology, Evil Islands, Daggerfall, KOTOR 1, Dungeon Master 1+2, Ambermoon, Amberstar, Icewind Dale, Deus Ex, Bards Tale 2, Darklands, Wasteland …

I have to stop …

JDR13 November 23rd, 2006 22:29


6. Gothic 3 - Yes indeed, you find it on my top ten, despite all the bugs. Once you get through it a couple of times you'll find that it has strong points no other game to date has(at least not in full 3D).

You've already finished Gothic 3 multiple times!?!

Must be nice to have that much free time.

Naked_Lunch November 23rd, 2006 23:02

Keep in mind it's been out for a while in Europe so they've gotten bonus time to complete it.

Corwin November 23rd, 2006 23:53

Maylander has completed it 4 times!! That amazes me, as I've been playing for weeks and am still only about halfway through!!

JDR13 November 24th, 2006 00:46


Originally Posted by Naked_Lunch (Post 9581)
Keep in mind it's been out for a while in Europe so they've gotten bonus time to complete it.

It's only been out for a month + a few days in Europe. That still isn't very long for a game a big as Gothic 3. Not when you're talking about playing it 4 times!!

Damn I'm jealous! I'm still waiting for the next patch and another gig of RAM.

nameless hero November 24th, 2006 02:26

For me its REAL TIME COMBAT RPG or NOTHING. I found that I just cant play turn based games or anything similar - Too boring.

1. Gothic 1
2. Gothic 2
4. Gothic 3 (Bugs aside)
5. Severance: Blade of Darkness
6. Oblivion
7. Diablo 2
8. Die by the Sword
9. Mount and Blade
10. Morrowind

…I feel as though I missed something thought…

JDR13 November 24th, 2006 02:50

Anyone who doesn't mention the System Shock series obviously hasn't experienced it.

nameless hero November 24th, 2006 03:21

True, I never played System Shock. I cannot find it in stores though, nor in ebay.:'(

Corwin November 24th, 2006 04:59

The original is available from Underdogs and will work with Dosbox!!

Naked_Lunch November 24th, 2006 07:38

Neither System Shocks are RPGs, really. Fucking great games, just not RPGs.

For me its REAL TIME COMBAT RPG or NOTHING. I found that I just cant play turn based games or anything similar - Too boring.
It's people like you that killed my children.

Jaz November 24th, 2006 08:42

My top ten, in no particular order:

1) Lands of Lore 1, 2 and 3: LoL 1 was the first CRPG that held my interest long enough to actually finish it, Lol 2 had Luther (MAJOR SQUEEAGE!!!!), and LoL3 let you finish the unfinished business from LoL 1, though in the form of a different character. I love it when a plan comes together *chews on cigar*.
2) System Shock 1- The first game that had me sit on the dge of my seat. I hated shodan with a passion. SS2 never really did that for me.
3) Daggerfall and Morrowind: My favorite Elder Scrolls CRPGs. Daggerfall was so vast I was overwhelmed back then, and my first time through took me over 7 months. Morrowind with expansions held my interest for more than 1 1/2 years.
4) Gothic 1 and 2: I loved Gothic 1 because of its dense and gritty atmosphere. G2 was more polished, but had lost a little of the charm for me, but when they had Thorus appear in the expansion… I might buy G3 just because of him.
5) Diablo 2: Great atmosphere, great FMVs. Tyrael and Tal Rasha…
6) Jagged Alliance 2: The best NPC s, and the best NPC interaction ever. And Deirdranna rules.
7) Planescape Torment: This game did the atmosphere trick again. While I can't stand generic High Fantasy settings like AD&D's Forgotten Realms, Planescape always was a favorite setting of mine. Plus, good story, and you could get through the game with little combat (great plus IMO).
8) Arx Fatalis: The guards! The darkness! The music! In short, I liked the ambience, looks and premises of the game. And I loved the way magic was handled.
9) Jade Empire: The perfect game for a Wire Fu affictionado. Beautiful game, very entertaining (though linear), and great romance options.
10) Deus Ex 1: The ending(s) of this game made me cower in awe. DX 2 was nice, but it didn't make me feel small and humble.

Honorable mentions go to Final Fantasy 6, 7 and 8, KotOR 1 and 2, Wild Arms 1, Might and Magic 6 and 9, Arena and Oblivion (Hieronymus Lex - SQUEEEE!).

Some games just bored me for some reason or other, like BG 1 and 2, NWN 1 and Dungeon Siege, for example. Others were too difficult for a habitual non-reader of manuals (Dungeon Master 2, for example).

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