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Wulf November 23rd, 2006 14:07

Where's the white Ripper.?
I wouldn't say i was actually stuck, just that i've been searching for the white ripper for a long time and will find it eventually (i hope).
I was told it can be found on a plateau between two montains. Up to now, iv'e seached mostly north and northwest area of the wolf clan.

Does it exist for real? - is it hidden? - iv'e probably missed it. :-/

Acleacius November 24th, 2006 02:25

Yeah its very hard to find.
Try this http://www.worldofgothic.de/misc/G3_Nordmar.jpg. ;)

Wulf November 24th, 2006 22:37

Thanks Acleacius, the map sure helped me pin-point the area.
He was alone when i found him, he looked normal but as Bogir said, he was stronger and faster that the others so i used him - tamed him then i watched him from the top of the ridge as he killed 4 goblin shamens, 8 saber tooths and a herd of wooly rhino's . . single handed, then i shouted "go back" and he returned to his place. With a weird kind of reluctance, i drew the bow and released two poisoned arrows and watched his endurance bar turn green before running away - but he returned in a few seconds refreshed and with a full health bar! - finally i met him 'face on' and although i was giving him full throttle he returned the compliment and i was killed. At the second attempt i used the slippery-slope tactic and faced him uphill, with fast repetative blade strokes i wore him down until he was defeated - and so nearly was i.
This quest indicates of the value of the druid power which the orc's are so frightened of… so the story goes…..why is that? :-/

Maylander November 27th, 2006 23:33

The stone they are afraid of is the shadowbeast stone you get north of Silden. Turning into a Shadowbeast is quite possibly the most powerful transform spell in the game, so it's something to be worried about.

HiddenX November 28th, 2006 00:21

White Ripper:

If you slay the White Wolf and get the stone from Bogir, Bogir is going into the wilderness to die. If you follow him (it's a long dangerous way) he will lead you to the White Ripper / Shadowbeast.

(I am playing the german version - so I don't have always the exact english names)

Wulf November 28th, 2006 00:41

yeah, just found there's a bit more - per the walkthrough - ->

[After completing the The druid stone of the wolf quest, Bogir will leave the village so that he may peacefully die. If you're following him for a while, he will be attacked by a white shadowbeast on the same plateau you already killed the white ripper on. When killing the shadowbeast, the quest is finished. If you're familiar with skinning animals, you can retrieve a very precious skin from the shadowbeast.]

….so there is also a white shaddowbeast? - thanks - i'll go back and see.
………………………………………….. ………….
it's a deep subject, probably at the very center of the G3 theme. Since my last post i found more info's - i asked a druid for the secret (was in his dialogue) he replied:-->

"The power of the druids is to awaken the animal in you, every creature you change into will be all the stronger - that is the secret of the druids" - - this is what one of the orc leaders asked the nameless hero to investigate.

Mmm - this seems to suggest the beasts power increases with use or each summon or transform - not quite sure just yet.

Another druid reply when learning the transform spell was "Adanos gives you this magic so that you will guide the fate of the world"

……it seems that being as an animal/beast when attacking orcs (etc' ?) the negative effect will not accumulate against the orcs as they don't realise it the nameless hero, they think it's the beasts. Any further ideas?

Maylander November 29th, 2006 15:15

I know that one of the druids are missing, as there are only five, but should have been six according to one of the druids. Maybe there's more to the whole Druid business than just getting rep, but all of it wasn't implemented? If so, hopefully we will see more of them in future patches or an add-on, it's a very interesting faction.

Acleacius November 29th, 2006 16:39

Anyone ever try doing a, goto to try to get to the last Druid?
Or maybe no one knows his/her name.

HiddenX November 29th, 2006 19:51

I know 5:

Bogir - Wolf
Runak - Shadow Beast
Torn - Snapper
Porgan - Ripper
Shakyor - Lion

Wulf November 30th, 2006 17:04

This game is awesome!

I wanted to implement the druid secret but i had no idea how it could be done. I couldn't grasp the game-writers intentions but one day in the icy cold conditions of the Nordmar area, using the stone i changed into the wolf and mingled with a pack of about 25 ice-wolves which were close to an orc camp (clear the orc camp quest) - there was no interactivity whatsoever, there were no focus highlights of any other wolves. As a lone wolf i enticed some orcs towards the pack - an elite warrior shouted "there's another one of those damn beasts" - i kept slightly back from the pack and watched as the orcs were attacked - at that point i decided to join in the slaughter, with an orc in focus (red) i attacked repeatedly till he was dead - then immediately there was a 'level-up' - as a wolf….yes *as a wolf* The pack were now howling in unison, they wanted blood (just as Bogir had described) - each single wolf of the pack now had a (green) focus highlight (friendly associate)
After each single orc that i killed i got another "level-up" the wolf (the soul-stone of the dead white ripper) was increasing in power! - a truely amazing AI interaction as i have ever known in a game.

So now it is realised that killing the orcs with the power of animals, will *not* attribute to the nameless hero, just as i had imagined. It's too early to say just yet but i see no reason why all orcs in the towns and villages (or specific selected) cannot be eliminated this way.

Yes, i suspect the power of the unknown sixth druid stone must be crucial in all of this, we must find the answer!

Maylander November 30th, 2006 20:04

I thought you got those strange level ups no matter what you killed, and that it was just a strange bug which popped up a level up message everytime I killed something using the stones.

Maybe there is something to it, or should have been, I'm not sure. Also, the last paladin in the fire chalice quest is missing I think, so either the missing druid and paladin do not exist, or they're extremely hard to find.

curious December 1st, 2006 00:54

nice find wulf, glad you are enjoying yourself. i'll really have to use the stones in future games.

@maylander-i know i talked about this in another thread, but 'you' are the 12th paladin if you choose to become one. the 12 chalices were for the original 12 paladins which i imagine have long been dead. the 11 named ones you can find allow you the ablility to give them 'their powers' by a different method than they had lost them (rune magic). if you gave the 12th away you yourself would not be able to learn the 'paladin' skill. and the reason it isn't consumed when you learn the skill is the same reason the original 12 are still in existence. once you 'drink' from it you gain the powers and its energy is possibly spent, but it is hardly worthless…

Maylander December 1st, 2006 01:57

But is the quest completed? I never got a "quest completed" on handing out chalices, so something must be missing, or I encountered a bug.

txa1265 December 1st, 2006 23:59

Arrgh … another thing I'm struggling to find … even found the 'area' to the north …

HiddenX December 2nd, 2006 10:26

On the WoG boards public opinion is:

1) The 12 chalices quest can't be completed, because the 12th paladin is missing or doesn't react.

2) Only 5 druids with stones are in the game at this time (patch 1.09)
two other transformation stones can be cheated in marvin mode.

All in all two more evidences that this game was rushed out.

curious December 2nd, 2006 17:28

For the Love of Innos, Beliar, and Adanos the 12th Paladin Is Not Missing!!!

@mike -what area are you strugling to find?

@maylander-there is never a quest given to return all the chalices. there are only a few paladins who actually 'want' their magic back like the one in trelis and nemora who actually have a quest for it. the other 9 are there and named simply so you could use up the 11. now i know some people could say well what if you don't want to become a paladin and want to give it to someone else. well there are really only 3 options, choose innos and become a paladin, choose beliar and they should be given to the orcs, or choose adanos and do neither(which i did in game 2) or either one.

not everything can be accomplished by the 'powergamer' method and i think gothic 3, though many quests are bugged, still does a great job with this and actually 'improved' from prior gothics.

txa1265 December 3rd, 2006 01:14


Originally Posted by curious (Post 10667)
@mike -what area are you strugling to find?

I wasn't specific because it is the 'White Ripper' that I can't find! I was all around the area that was specified in the map (after wandering randomly for a while) but *still* didn't find it … now I handing out cups to cranky paladins ;)

curious December 3rd, 2006 02:58

maybe you should have used my map;)

Wulf December 5th, 2006 19:02

I returned to the white ripper plateau several days later, i heard shouts in the distance of ughh! - arghh! - oogh! - ohh! - i saw Bogir being attacked so naturally i jumped-in and slew the beast and it was indeed the "white ripperbeast" - i got the scrolling quest complete text whithout having the quest listed in the first place! - i also got the beasts skin. I've passed by the same place since then and Bogir is still standing around eating food and answers the same dialogue "i'm sure you have something else to do" - i think now that it was intended he should die naturally in the wilds, killed by the beast.

I no longer get the ice-wolves names to show green text, in fact since i killed some ice-wolves a few of days back all wolves are attacking me even as a wolf, probably due to being disloyal - strange.
Now, one of the mages in the monastery, Aidan, wants the druid stone of the wolf so he can escape the area and get passed the wolves, for this he will give me the book "the divinity of humans" (ancient knowledge +20) seems there's more to this druid stone saga than first thought! - should i keep hold of the stone? - not sure.

There doesn't seem to be any other white beasts of the druids - a white-snapper or white-lion etc' - this wolf stone seems somehow more significant than the others…time will tell.

txa1265 December 5th, 2006 19:42

It's funny … I found the White Ripper when I stopped looking … I was on another quest up north, for the Ancestor Stones, and was heading up one area and *bam* there he was!

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