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Dhruin November 23rd, 2006 23:47

Dark Messiah - Review @ GameZilla
For "Fans Only" is the verdict for Dark Messiah in GameZilla's review. Here's the opening paragraph:

Dark Messiah: Might & Magic is the sixth title in the Might & Magic franchise, and the games have come a long way from the kind of paper cut-out elves, unicorns, and cartoon blood splashes of the original. Now what you have is a visually photo-realistic First Person Slasher with beheadings, dismemberment and a goal to save the world in there somewhere. The M rating is well-placed and if there was an M-plus-plus then this game would qualify. But its realism, the argument goes. Well this is a fantasy game. If it is then it must take place in a fantastic universe where every character -- even the holed-up, anemic undead ones, which you would think would die in a puff of dust, realistically speaking -- carries an extra quart or two of the red stuff just for decorative gushing and spurting. This is not a serene game with a kindly wizened mentor; in this one your guide in the early training exhorts you to "Impale him!" and "Kick him against the spikes!" Phew. There must be a lot of bloodlust in the market.
More information.

Hindukönig November 23rd, 2006 23:47


There must be a lot of bloodlust in the market.
Very true, considering the current discussions about "killergames" in Germany because of a recent amok run …

Garrett November 24th, 2006 11:47

ridiculous. this discussion reg "killergames" is more than pathetic. the real reason lies in the society and the personal circumstances of these people.
actually, it is vice-versa: they don't become killers because of the games, they play them because they are killers.
prohibition of these games is probably even taking away a vent for these people and so they kill even more.
what about other medias?

Dhruin November 24th, 2006 22:41

I don't know the discussion in Germany but I agree. The game didn't cause the psychosis of the killer - it's just a symptom of something already broken in that person.

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