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Dhruin June 3rd, 2009 10:21

Alpha Protocol - Screens @ GameSpot
Four screens from Obsidian's Alpha Procotol at GameSpot.
More information.

Prime Junta June 3rd, 2009 10:21

Looks very Deus Ex-y. Can't say exactly why, but the more I hear/see about this game, the more I like it.

Hype and marketing are strange things, and their effects aren't at all rational. There are a few houses that consistently get me all worked up -- Obsidian, the late, lamented Troika, Valve, CDProjekt RED -- and others that consistently manage to depress my expectations -- BioWare, Bethsoft, id, for example.

I do tend to like the games from the former more than the latter, but the overlap is far from exact -- in particular, I've usually liked BioWare games a lot more than the hype, and Obsidian games less than the hype (although still quite a lot).

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