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Dhruin June 4th, 2009 11:40

Obsidian Entertainment - MCA Interview @ Kotaku AU
A week or so back Kotaku AU invited readers to submit questions for Chris Avellone. The results are now up and they're pretty good for a community Q&A. Here's a sample:

Chris, you’ve worked on a bunch of games that have been cancelled (Van Buren, Torn) or had lots of content cut out (KOTOR2). How do you handle it when something you’ve worked on for months or years ends up being released in an imcomplete state or not released at all?
You drink, sigh, and move on. I actually got numb to it early on in my career (Monte Cook, an editor at Hero Games, would routinely reject my submissions I’d spent months or years on, and he was right to do so because they sucked – I also had ten module proposals to Dungeon all rejected one after the other), so it wasn’t too bad when it started happening at work. The only time it really hurt was Fallout 3, because that game felt like it had the potential to be better than Torment, and when I was working on it, I could feel the inner creativity “sing” because it felt like everything was clicking into place.
Also, as a consolation prize, you find you can usually transfer design elements from one game to the other in terms of systems or new uses for characters that you did for the “flushed” design that you can use later on.
More information.

Benedict June 4th, 2009 11:40

Is he involved in the obsidian fallout spinoff? Let's hope all that creativity for fallout 3 has just been stored rather than wasted.

GhanBuriGhan June 4th, 2009 12:21


Originally Posted by Benedict (Post 1060952221)
Is he involved in the obsidian fallout spinoff? Let's hope all that creativity for fallout 3 has just been stored rather than wasted.

Apparently he is not working on it:

Will we ever see Obsidian return to its Planescape roots, as we are seeing with Bioware and Dragon Age?

Probably not, I don’t even know who has the Planescape license now, and I’m afraid if I went back to it, I’d fuck up a good thing. Then again, we’re going full circle on Fallout now and that’s going well, but I’m not working on that project (it’s in the very capable hands of Mr. J.E. Sawyer), so that probably explains why it’s going well. ;)

Maylander June 4th, 2009 13:17

He can probably still contribute with ideas and what not though, and then Sawyer has to make the call whether to use the ideas or not.

Ausir June 5th, 2009 04:10

And he's likely to join the New Vegas team when AP is finished.

Maylander June 5th, 2009 14:52

Certainly not impossible, unless they have some hidden project where they need a creative lead. I've lost track of what Obsidian is currently developing (AP + FO is what I know of), so I wouldn't know if there's anything else he might end up working on.

Krzychu June 5th, 2009 14:59

I've been wondering for some time now… Why MCA? Heh, what's the 'M' for?

By the way: does anybody know where did the Alien RPG workforce go, after it was cancelled? AP or the Fallout game?

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