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Dhruin November 24th, 2006 10:05

Hellgate London - Intro Movie @ 3D Gamers
3D Gamers has an intro movie for Hellgate: London. Here's their accompanying blurb:

A more complete intro movie for Hellgate: London is now online, again illustrating the sci-fi 3D horror action role-playing game being developed at Flagship Studios. This movie comes in low and extremely high resolutions, including (and thus superseding) all of the sequences in last May's E3 trailer while extensively showing what happens before those events, and briefly what follows, in a total of nearly six minutes of impressive cinematic footage.
More information.

r3dshift November 24th, 2006 10:05

That's a pretty niftyand atmospheric intro movie. A pity that - based on gameplay vids - the actual game has nothing to do with that atmosphere and is basically going to be a mindless shooter.

Kawika December 8th, 2006 11:12

I came across a streaming version of the video here for those who do not wish to DL it.

It is a pretty slick video and it begs the question, "When's the movie tie-in coming?" lol

txa1265 December 8th, 2006 13:01

We don't want to get into a 'begging the question' discussion, do we ;)

The movie looks nice - good setup to go hack up some demons!

magerette December 8th, 2006 19:19

Thanks for the streaming version link, Kawika--what a tasty cinematic!

The voice acting is definitely about three cuts above the usual. Though the child looks more like an adult til the end of the cutscene.

Well, my glass is definitely half-full on this one--we'll see how it pans out.

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