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magerette June 30th, 2009 05:19

Overlord II - Interview @ Strategy Informer
Overlord II has barely hit the shelves, and Strategy Informer reports in an interview with Creative Director Lennert Sas, that DLC has already been planned and should be announced soon. They also discuss some other aspects of the game:

Strategy Informer: The entire game revolves around being evil. Is that why thereís so much slapstick humour? Is it to counteract all the evildoing?
Lennart Sas: Well first off, we enjoy games and one of the key things we think is missing from games is humour. If you look at television shows or movies, thereís always a big slice of the pie taken up by comedies, but with games (the slice is) tiny. We thought humour would work well with this type of game because being an overlord is cool, but at the same time itís really grim. We donít really want people to aspire to be someone who burns villages, clubs baby seals and things like that, so the only way we could make this premise work was by making it tongue-in-cheek. The premise and the dark humour go hand in hand.
On the proposed DLC:

Strategy Informer: Can you tell us about your plans for DLC?
Lennart Sas: Weíre actually working on that now and itíll be announced soon.
Strategy Informer: We canít convince you to give us any details on that yet then?
Lennart Sas: ErmÖno!
More information.

skavenhorde June 30th, 2009 05:19

Cool! I loved Overlord and Raising Hell. I've already played the demo and can't wait for this sucker to get here. The demo seems similar to the original, but with some neat additions like your minions can now ride wolves and of course the graphics were updated.

The original was extremely funny and entertaining. I have high hopes for this one as well since it was written by the same person.

xSamhainx June 30th, 2009 07:26

yeah, Overlord was a good time.

At first I played kinda lawful evil, then I just went nuts about halfway and destroyed everything. The latter was way more fun imho

Which mistress did you go w/? I ended up w/ Rose

Im gonna buy this game, but waitin til it comes down in price

skavenhorde June 30th, 2009 12:37

Rose, twice ;)

Rose was sexuality and Velvet was just sex. Either way I liked Rose better because I tended to rely heavily on Browns and Blues. Plus I liked they way she treated my minions. I might kick them around a bit, but deep down you still gotta love those cute, little, horribly disfigured guys. Anything that loyal deserves some love sometimes :)

I've already ordered it at my local game shop. They're unsure when it'll get here, but when it does I'll let you know if anything major has changed. So far from the demo not much has changed. Same control scheme and minion choices, but that is fine by me. I don't think that it needed any changing. Other than the fact that sometimes when I swept my minions they would still sweep even after I let go of both buttons. I also would like something a little better for my Blues. Swimming and ressurect just doesn't seem enough for those little guys.

Kostas July 8th, 2009 02:58

IMHO the second part is better.
Much more funny and updated visuals,the gameplay is kinda the same but I enjoyed it more.

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