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magerette July 3rd, 2009 17:50

Two Worlds II - Announcement @ BluesNews
Blues News posts a press release from publisher Topware Interactive announcing a sequel to the 2007 rpg from Reality Pump, Two Worlds. There's an official Two Worlds II website up where you can sign up for the newsletter and see a few screens, and you can also view the same shots in the gallery at BluesNews.
Here's the release:

Karlsruhe, 3rd July 2009 – in the coming winter, the role-playing world of Antaloor will once again open its portals to PC, Mac and Next-Gen consoles. Following the fantastic worldwide sales success of the game’s famous predecessor, TopWare Interactive will once again open a radically new chapter in the fantasy world of Reality Pump.
“Two Worlds II” presents a totally new gamer experience, one in which 2 years of intensive development has enabled quantum leaps in all spheres: completely overhauled AI and balancing standards, experienced authors, the active combat system and the brand-new engine all combine to provide an unforgettable experience where excitement, sheer enjoyment and graphics rule. “Two Worlds II” simply sets new technical benchmarks in the RPG genre, thanks not least to its seemingly unlimited number of dynamic light sources, micro-detail Parallax Mapping, 24 Bit HDR Post Processing, Space Ambient Occlusion and Human Eye Accommodation.

The story of “Two Worlds II” is staged a couple of years after Part 1 - and it will lead you into hitherto unexplored parts of Eastern Antaloor where you'll find many brand-new locations packed full of atmosphere - from dusty deserts to awe-inspiring temples.

Alexandra Constandache, the Executive Producer of TWII commented, “We intentionally opted for a completely independent game with radical new technology. This was the only way to ensure that we harness the enormous potential and experience gained from the making of the first “Two Worlds” project - and make full use of the further technical development of internal Reality Pump tools that has been on-going since the first “Two Worlds” was developed. This new release window gives us enough time to systematically implement both our own requirements and the feedback of the “Two World” fans, enabling us to create a breathtaking RPG experience.”
More information.

redman5427 July 3rd, 2009 17:50

I thought it was called the temptation?

Kostas July 3rd, 2009 17:55


Originally Posted by redman5427 (Post 1060957058)
I thought it was called the temptation?

Same here.

I just hope there will be more to do than in the 1st Part.

magerette July 3rd, 2009 18:12

Looks like they've overhauled it and changed the title, but it's odd they don't even refer to "The Tempatation" part.

turian July 3rd, 2009 18:41

do not want.
part1 was so disappointing.

i will never buy a game from this brand again.

Zloth July 3rd, 2009 19:07

I'm watching with interest to see if they learned their lessons. I'm impressed that the IP survived at all, really.

Dhruin July 4th, 2009 00:34

They've always been sloppy with PR. They put out plenty of material (mostly irrelevant bits and pieces) but their actual communication is patchy at best.

JDR13 July 4th, 2009 02:32

Little confused here….

So they changed the name from "The Temptation" to "Two Worlds II"… or is this a separate game?

Dantre July 4th, 2009 02:45

According to a post made by none other than the CEO of Topware on the game's official forum, it IS "The Temptation", or actually what was formerly known as such.

Here's a link to the thread in question : Click here

magerette July 4th, 2009 03:03


Originally Posted by JDR13 (Post 1060957089)
Little confused here….

So they changed the name from "The Temptation" to "Two Worlds II"… or is this a separate game?

It's hard to tell, but I'm thinking they renamed it. The release date's the same, game location looks the same--Eastern Antaloor..it's the same company basically…

But who knows. Maybe they'll give us something more to go on at some point.

Edit: Thanks, Dantre.

Roland July 4th, 2009 19:38

If they sliced about a 1/3 or so of the Mod density Part 1 would of been a much better and rewarding experience imo

As it is…you can't go 10 feet before being attacked by something, and it's the same somethings over and over :(

Will be interested in seeing how they do with part 2.

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