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Dhruin August 9th, 2009 01:53

NWN2: MoW - Interview @ Bitmob
Alan Miranda has popped up at a site called Bitmob to talk about Mysteries of Westgate. Since we all know the game so well, here's a different snip:

Bitmob: Mysteries of Westgate received better review scores in Europe than in the United States. Is the U.S. market more critical of RPGs, or do single-player RPGs have a larger following in Europe than in the U.S.?
AM: I've heard several opinions on this from people in the industry, and it likely boils down to cultural taste differences with regard to new game features. What this means is that the features North American gamers expect from a new RPG are different from what European gamers expect, or Asian gamers for that matter. Unique cultural tastes are well known among publishers, although I hadn't expected to see it with MOW. As far as I can tell, North American reviewers are more expectant of flashier features for a new RPG product, whereas European reviewers are not.
We focused on making a fun game using what already existed in NWN2 in the spring of 2007 since that was the directive from Atari in order to release the game before the first expansion. So MOW had no new "real" features to speak of, like the typical bullet points you see on expansion packs with new races, classes, spells, or game mechanics that require engine code changes. So apart from some great new art and an intriguing story in a new setting, the city of Westgate, North American reviewers saw it as "more of the same" with no additional coolness factor. Europeans didn't have a problem with more of the same, as long as it was good.
More information.

Starwars August 9th, 2009 01:53

That's a good interview, though I don't quite agree with him on some things. The "silly quests" (won't spoil them here) I just found to be out of place generally. I love Pratchett (who is mentioned as an inspiration of sorts), but I still felt they didn't fit within the mod very well.

But yeah, I was quite surprised to see how some reviews kinda slammed the game. It's discouraging since stuff like the Fallout 3 DLCs, while not universally hailed, tend to get showered with praise. Some reviews even going as far as saying "it's good because Fallout 3 was good, and this is more of Fallout 3".

If there's a system I'd like to see with DLCs, MoW is pretty much it. Very cheap, with respectable length (seriously, it's probably longer than most the Fallout 3 DLCs combined), good replayability, a campaign which is self-contained storywise and the chance for a smaller company to flex their muscles a bit.

wolfgrimdark August 11th, 2009 00:47

I really enjoyed MOW a lot. I thought it was one of the best smaller adventures I have played in NWN2. I think some of my favorite aspects had to do with less combat. I get so tired of games that are nothing but combat - every dungeon, every house, every outdoor setting, seems like you have to fight around every corner. Instead WoW was very well paced, overall, with good story, some fun companions, and a nice mix of dialogue and combat. I got a good 20 hours out of it myself.

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