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Dhruin November 30th, 2006 22:30

Hellgate London - Peek #3 @ RPG Vault
RPG Vault's third Hellgate: London Peek has Bill Roper writing a few paragraphs on the game world and gameplay:

A great benefit of Hellgate: London is that the instanced, randomization scheme makes the game incredibly self-balancing. If players want to push themselves, they can always move into more difficult areas without spoiling any of the story elements. If they try to move ahead and find the next area too difficult, they can not only build up more experience and items in a place that feels comfortable for their individual skill sets, but it doesn't feel like "grinding" since not only the layout, monsters and items are randomized - also exactly what tileset is used, and whether or not they happen to get an area that has some element of rarity to it, like themed backgrounds, monster behavior and items or chance events.
More information.

r3dshift November 30th, 2006 22:30


If players want to push themselves, they can always move into more difficult areas without spoiling any of the story elements.
That's one of the most hilarious sentences I've read this week. I never knew there was actually gonna be a *story* in Hellgate… Now I'm relieved that no mindless killing of mine can spoil the story of some ber-massacre to befall upon me as an unsuspecting player.

space captain December 1st, 2006 05:39

im alot more interested in this since they removed autoaim for the fps guy.. could be cool game - but i was never as mega huge into Diablo as everyone else so who knows

like to give it a shot tho

r3dshift December 1st, 2006 18:32

In case some of you have missed the sarcasm in my previous post: I think it's ridiculous to even use the word "story" for a series of events in a game of this type. From what I've seen so far in gameplay videos, this is gonna be a mindless massacre game á lá Postal or… what was that other silly title? Ah yes, Serious Sam…

I say it's utter shame to waste such a good setting and, originally, a seemingly great idea and make some crap game instead of a huge RPG. I wouldn't even mind action-RPG, but there's really nothing in this title that I find appealing.

txa1265 December 1st, 2006 18:37


Originally Posted by r3dshift (Post 10547)
this is gonna be a mindless massacre game l Postal or… what was that other silly title? Ah yes, Serious Sam…

Ahhh … I love those games …

But that doesn't mean I want them in something calling itself a RPG - even an action-RPG should have a *little* more purpose than that.

magerette December 1st, 2006 19:22

This title is not supposed to be about story, but about action, items and the development of character through , yes, mindless slaughter. This is hardly a novel concept in action rpgs. How is this a waste of their premise--i.e., devils descending on the modern world and needing to be killed. You kill them, you get stuff, you go up a level and tweak a skill so you can kill more, get stuff, go up a level, etc.

Making this fun is where the trick comes in. A lot of Diablo clones have come and gone, but not many have succeeded like the original produced by the team on this game.

To me the story seems atmospherically correct and quite in keeping with the focus of the game.

If you hated Diablo, you obviously will not like the new improved technologically tweaked version. From everything I have read and from the past record of Bill Roper, I wouldn't exactly call this "some crap game." But that's in the eye of the beholder, I guess.

Personally, I think it's foolish to hype the role-playing experience in these games anyway. It only disappoints the gamers looking for that experience, because frankly beyond raising stats and skills, it really isn't there.

Role-Player December 2nd, 2006 01:54

This sounds like a possibly interesting new take on the roguelike genre but not so interesting as a foray into roleplaying games.

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