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Dhruin December 2nd, 2006 10:35

VtM-Bloodlines - Unofficial v3.2 Patch
The excellent community work on Vampire: Bloodlines continues with an unofficial v3.2 patch just released. The 130Mb file can be grabbed from Worthplaying or 3D Gamers. Here are the notes for this version:
  • Restored cat model to 609 and removed flickering blood on the Dane.
  • Added humanity loss for killing innocents in several combat areas.
  • Modified bad discipline effects for non humans, thanks to Populism.
  • Used hidden Ithaca sound, gave Colt to Boris and fixed more props.
  • Renamed Bloodsuckers' to Bats' Communion and updated female Sabbat.
  • Made Imalia and Mitnick turn better and Isaac give his gift later.
  • Fixed hunters spawning on main hubs and another Imalia's quest bug.
  • Repaired possible freeze on freeing Lily and left over respawning.
  • Corrected GLOCK name, modified clothing text and added cl_smooth 0.
  • Made sure the fast Nosferatu dies and rendered Empire TV inactive.
  • Improved first Heather dialogue and fixed Vandal and Bertram lines.
  • Changed Yukie log, two pc prompts and wrong level re-enter sounds.
More information.

kadeton December 2nd, 2006 10:35

Just so you know, the list of patch notes in this entry is black-on-black when using the "Dark" theme. Perhaps your stylesheet needs updating.

Acleacius December 2nd, 2006 18:02

Hehe, I though Dhruin was using Spoiler tags. :D

Congrats Wesp on another great release. :cheers:

Dhruin December 3rd, 2006 02:14

Huh. Not sure what the deal is with that.

Rumteldat December 3rd, 2006 21:12

Is anyone else having there EXP disapear after doing quests?

Acleacius December 3rd, 2006 23:22

That means you have it set to autolevelup, so its doing recommended.
Its very confusing but it should say "turn autolevel on" at the bottom right, if it says "turn autolevel off" at the bottom that means its autoleveling for you. :)

If you want to get those points back let me know I will tell you the codes to change it. :)

Rumteldat December 4th, 2006 00:04

Well I'm a jackass I should have noticed that.But yeah it would be great if you could tell me how to get those back.

Acleacius December 4th, 2006 03:00

Np, first make sure you have -console after your vampire.exe in your desktop shortcut like this.
vampire.exe" -console
Next you need to type in sv_cheats 1 in the console and hit enter once your in the game.
Then say you want to get rid of Stealth level type, vstats sell stealth.
It shoudl try to autocomplete for you, if you want to sell 2 levels of Stealth do the same command twice.
Now lets say you get all your auto alocated removed,then you need to add some points, if it didn't give your the points you sold then type, giftxp followed by the nuber of points you want like so, giftxp 10.
Oh, if you ever want a Discipline that your Vamp doesn't start with like say Celerity you type vstats buy celerity.

Well thats about all I can think of you might need, let me know if there is anything else and good luck.
Oh and don't forget to try the Malk maybe the funniest PC ever written. :)

Rumteldat December 4th, 2006 06:38

Cool, thanks

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