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Dhruin September 4th, 2009 14:54

Mount&Blade - New Spinoff from CD Projekt
Here's an unexpected one for Polish fans of Mount & Blade. Dagon writes that CD Projekt is working on a spinoff together with Taleworlds and some other developers. This one looks specifically aimed at the Polish market, so I'll hand over to Dagon for the details:

CDProjekt just announced the new game of Mount & Blade franchise, the game is called "Mount & Blade: Ogniem i Mieczem" (don't know the english title but it will probably be "With Fire and Sword"). The game is developed by Snowberry Connection, Sich Studio and of course TaleWorlds Entertainment and will be set in XVII century Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth. The game is based on the books of the polish writer Henryk Sienkiewicz. The funny thing is that there is already a mod with the same name in production, but both project are completely unrelated to each other.
Anyway, here's the trailer to this new game:
More information.

guenthar September 4th, 2009 14:54

This was totally unexpected a a commercial development house working with an indie developer. There have been many unexpected things happening this year and soon it won't surprise me anymore. Next thing you know EA is going to announce a new single player Ultima game and is going to get the original developers back together to make it.

JDR13 September 4th, 2009 15:13

Witchers on horseback? :thinking:

screeg September 4th, 2009 16:23

Looking at the horseback combat footage, I'm re-amazed at what Taleworlds did with Mount&Blade, back in the day. And despite the constant slew of generic fantasy RPGs pouring out of the giant, generic RPG pipe, still no big development house has made a peep about creating horseback combat for players.

vanedor September 4th, 2009 16:28

I'm always up for more M&B goodness!

Konjad September 4th, 2009 16:55

Fall 2009?! Wow, that's really soon.

I hope they'll make it more tactical because lacks of orders (even simple ones, like 'cavalary left flank' or something) makes M&B boring after a while (you just charge the enemy and that's all you can do).

Spear wall against cavalary, flanking the enemy with cavalary, sending heavy infrantry in front while keeping light infrantry as support… that's what Mount & Blade should have.

Guhndahb September 4th, 2009 22:01

I agree about the orders system Konjad. It's probably my biggest gripe with the game. I'd way rather have had more powerful tactical options than multiplayer in the expansion, that's for sure. But, heck, maybe it'll have that too (I haven't paid too much attention to Warband since MP doesn't interest me).

Regardless, I still love M&B and this sounds like a really interesting project. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like something too likely to be localized to English.

Konjad September 4th, 2009 22:52

I found some interesting information here (in Polish though), it says:
- M&B: Ogniem i Mieczem doesn't need original M&B, it's 'new' game
- It's easy to mod as original M&B
- changes is AI
- new siege system
- scripted main story with dialogues (much better than in original M&B) and some choices
- new quests system
- five nations
- historical battles
- there will be probably no DLC
- Playable nations: Poland, Ukraine, Sweden, Russia, Chanat Krymski (sorry, no idea what's the English name of this country)
- NPCs known from Henryk Sienkiewicz books
- it will be released in Poland… they say nothing about other countries.

bkrueger September 4th, 2009 22:58


Originally Posted by Konjad (Post 1060969125)
Chanat Krymski (sorry, no idea what's the English name of this country)

The English name is nearly the same: Crimean Khanate

Edit: This probably also gives a hint about the historical epoche, in which the game is placed.

Dagon September 4th, 2009 23:01

The game will also be released in Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic and Sweden

Thoth September 4th, 2009 23:51

Will there be sex cards for your horses?!

Seriously though, this could be cool. M&B has a great combat system just itching for a little bit more polish and substance.

bkrueger September 4th, 2009 23:59


Originally Posted by Thoth (Post 1060969143)
Will there be sex cards for your horses?!

Yes, but for the US release the horses will have to wear nighties.

A combination of a well rated combat simulator with some decent witcher-like background would be a milestone in RPG-history. Too good to believe, actuallly.

Ausir September 5th, 2009 21:52

Wonder if they'll eventually release it outside of Poland. After all, it's not as if games based on Polish books can't be successful abroad, just look at The Witcher.

Prime Junta September 5th, 2009 22:22

That sounds BADASS! The one thing that's been keeping me from playing M&B is the lack of story — I've read a lot about it, and get the feeling that there isn't quite enough there to keep me interested. But a combination of M&B combat/simulation with CDP's storytelling skills and Sienkiewicz's magnificent yarn sounds just about *perfect.* Wow!

(The film of the same name wasn't half bad either.)

Damn, 2009 has got to be the best year for PC gaming since, like, ever!

Ausir September 5th, 2009 23:02

Looks like the game will be released in Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Sweden and Czech Republic for starters, according to this.

Tragos September 7th, 2009 13:00

I just hope that they will not improve the graphics , the more the detail the less soldiers my PC can handle in a battle .
Also i don't like the idea of a MQ but i guess this will be optional .

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