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Prongs69 September 17th, 2009 18:05

Gothic 1 help
Hi, I'm new to this forum, and it looks great.
My question is - how do I get the teleport rune to the old camp?

thanks in advance.

Wulf September 17th, 2009 18:32

You get the teleport to old camp rune from a chest in Xardas's old sunken tower, after you show him the strange sword that you retrieved from the island in the middle of the lava lake in the orc underground temple.

Prongs69 September 17th, 2009 20:36

thank you :) now I know I don't have to look for it in the old camp. you really helped me.

Wulf September 17th, 2009 23:06

@Prongs69. You're very welcome, don't hesistate to ask for more info or deeper G1 gameplay questions. ;)

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