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Dhruin September 18th, 2009 22:36

RPGWatch - New Poll
Well, it's way past time for a new poll.
BioWare has positioned Dragon Age as a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate but it's been a long time since they've made that style of game. In the meantime, the game has gone from PC only to a simultaneous multiplatform release and we've seen a controversial marketing campaign featuring Marilyn Manson.

Obviously technology has changed and it isn't based on D&D but do you expect Dragon Age to live up to the claim? Hit the link on the right to vote.
More information.

Dyspaire September 18th, 2009 22:36

There's something about those Infinity Engine games… I want to call it a 'folksy charm', but that's not quite right.

It's the amazing painted backgrounds. The vastly overlooked ambient sounds that are still unmatched, in my opinion. The simultaneously intimate and epic musical scores. (I'm looking at you, Jeremy Soule.) The timeless voice-over characterizations.

Hell, it's the Forgotten Realms. I know a lot of people dislike the setting now, but there's a depth of background there that I just love. It's the Marvel Universe of fantasy settings, and it helped a lot in making the IE games what they were. I love a world that has characters as rich as, say, Jarlaxle or Artemis Entreri.

Bioware has long since stopped making games that resemble the kind I want to play. I've played KoToR and Mass Effect to completion; I think Bioware makes very good interactive action/adventure movies, but the trend from Baldur's Gate to KoToR to Mass Effect is moving directly away from what I'm personally hoping for….

Dragon Age will have great presentation. It will be big, and loud, and filled with many explosions. There will be some interactivity, even.

But I wonder if there will be any moments where it's just me and my party, in a quite run-down inn, with low light and soft sounds in the air… moments where I can truly fall into the game and lose myself on a rainy, cold night.

I don't have much hope. I hear this game is the new shit.


baron September 18th, 2009 23:02

you're right, it probably is.

making rubbish for the (m)asses means buckets of money.

why would they finely tune their ambient sounds, if the rabble nowadays is begging for white noise. possibly in 5.1 (like they could tell the difference). :S
Lovely Wendie

txa1265 September 19th, 2009 05:51

I don't expect it to live up to BG, but I certainly expect more than Wolfenstein delivered.

JDR13 September 19th, 2009 09:29


Originally Posted by txa1265 (Post 1060971447)
I don't expect it to live up to BG, but I certainly expect more than Wolfenstein delivered.

I don't really see a connection there, but I agree about Wolfenstein being a disappointment.

@Dyspaire, I felt the exact same way about the IE games, shame there wasn't more of them.

September 19th, 2009 09:52

To be honest, I have problems with seeing the point of this poll. The game isn't released and it really doesn't matter what we expect.

I have no particular expectations for it, and since there isn't any option for that view, I can't participate in the poll.

Dhruin September 19th, 2009 10:24

Of course it doesn't matter - what poll does? ;) The point is purely entertainment in observing and discussing.

September 19th, 2009 10:43


Originally Posted by Dhruin (Post 1060971482)
Of course it doesn't matter - what poll does? ;) The point is purely entertainment in observing and discussing.

You're right, of course. I'm not quite sure why I wrote the above post - I was/am probably annoyed by something completely different.


*bangs had repeatedly against monitor".

bkrueger September 19th, 2009 12:56


Originally Posted by lghartveit (Post 1060971488)
*bangs had repeatedly against monitor".

How did your poor monitor annoy you now? :biggrin:

Anyway I also voted for "Let us wait and see."

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