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Dhruin December 6th, 2006 03:56

Beltion: Beyond Ritual - English Website Online
Thanks to CRPG.ru for poinitng out Russian project Beltion: Beyond Ritual from Rostok Games now has an English website. Head over for screens and information on the gameworld, hero, religions and more. Here's the game description from the Literature section:

«Beltion: Beyond Ritual» is a third-person view action/RPG, taking place in the original fantasy world significantly different from the genre canons. It is a new look to well-known fantasy races and nations, which differ either from their canonic appearance or games' and literature descriptions. The main character, a priest of one of human Temples, explores the world of Beltion, discovering its secrets and mysteries to the player.

Unique selling points of the game:
  • game world of independent design, art and storyline
  • nonstandard approach to genre and set art canons
  • vivid main character shown on a nonstandard image of a necromancer priest
  • rolepleying system of independent design
  • "lively" game world
  • combat system based on feats and combos
  • diversified dialogue system
  • varied endings based on in-game choices

More information.

ToddMcF2002 December 6th, 2006 03:56

Excellent. I'm watching this one very closely. I used to watch udc and Heart of Eternity but clearly they should just drop the "Heart of" part of the title and call it a day :(

Anyhow - Beltion holds serious promise.

How can you not love this screenshot!

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