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GothicGothicness October 16th, 2009 12:04

Character Development
I am what people prefer about developing characters skills/stats etc, is the best way that skills and stats improve by using them, or is it that you incease it yourself? or do you have other new ideas? in that case please post in this thread.

dteowner October 16th, 2009 15:05

Back in the day, I would have voted for total control of points doled out at levelling, and would have pointed to Morrowind as reinforcing evidence that usage-based systems reward the character equally for saving the world versus killing a thousand rats in the swamp.

Wiz8 prompted me to change that stance a bit. They did a great job of balancing the impact of levelling points with the impact of practice points.

wolfing October 16th, 2009 15:51

I prefer assigning it myself. It may seem more 'realistic' to have skills increased by use, but I don't see what shows on my screen as exactly (and as everything) what my character(s) is doing. What I mean is, just as we don't see our characters going to the bushes to relief themselves, we also don't see time they spend practicing things. So, even though my character didn't open a lock *in game* doesn't mean he didn't spend time practicing the skill during off-hours. Just because my rogue didn't fight with two weapons *in game* doesn't mean he didn't practice it with the ranger during camping at the fire pit.

GothicGothicness October 16th, 2009 15:57

That makes me think of an old game where you could mark the skills you wanted your characters to practice…… hmmm that might be a good idea acctually…. to select which skills you want your chars to practice during traveling/in-active hours/resting……..

azraelck October 18th, 2009 19:39

I think Magic Candle III had a system where you could split off party members to work and train, or some such. I lost my disks so long ago I've forgotten most of it, and I didn't have a backup like I managed for most everything else.

I like the Wiz8 style personally. Some skills simply don't get used enough to train up, so putting a few points into them is needed to keep them on par with the rest of the game. While combat and magic skills rarely need to be pumped like that, since they're in use constantly (generally).

But a pure trained system like ADOM isn't bad in and of itself. It all depends on how well the game is balanced.

Alrik Fassbauer October 20th, 2009 00:16

The Wizardry 8 style was - and still is - kind of new to me. Not necessarily "unique", but rarely seen by me, and rarely implemented, as well, I guess.

It was especially new to me - then - because I didn't know any other way than just putting points into a skill, up to then.

I haven't seen this kind of technique this far again. But maybe that's because of my choice of games.

azraelck October 23rd, 2009 02:49

It is highly unusual. I can only think of ADOM… Wiz7 IIRC did not have automatically advancing skills. Then again, it may have, it's been many years.

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