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J0sHu4 October 16th, 2009 19:48

Divinity 2-How i can pass here? (Massive Spoilers)
Im stuck here http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/5639/div2x.jpg
what should i do?
The prob is that it says at the 3 dragons that something must fit in there and i can't enter the maxos temple cause i can't open the door

decoderm October 16th, 2009 20:45

Check the valley especially the edges. Left and right behind the temple might be some good place to start

J0sHu4 October 16th, 2009 22:01

Ye i passed but now im at the blood altar and i found some admusian blood some dyaries in the rooms and admusian chest but i need a password to open it and i don't know it so
Where i could find the password for the chest?
How i can open the second barrier?

decoderm October 16th, 2009 22:52

Hmmm trying hard to remember. Think there was key together with the blood and it opened a chest near or below the stairs to proceed with the quest.

And about that chest no idea but if there is a password someone might know about it. Such mysteries always make me wish i could read minds.

smokiedabong November 16th, 2009 07:14

First time when I entered Maxtor Temple at level 11 the book told me "You are here Initiate , to prove your worth " " You seek to be complete whereas now you are broken " and nothing happened . I went to finish some of the quests and now I'm back at level 16 and getting the same message . What should I do ? Is this a bug ? At this moment it does't seem to have any entry for the main quest .

Corwin November 16th, 2009 07:25

Uh guys, most of us don't have this game yet and this thread is FULL of spoilers with absolutely NO warning!! Please don't.

meinxtc November 18th, 2009 19:03

"You are here Initiate , to prove your worth " " You seek to be complete whereas now you are broken "
Click on the broken vase just right of the door. Should open it for you…

The statue requires 3 dragon spheres you find around the temple at a latter time after you become a true Dragon Knight. Just spawns a chest with some w00t l00t i believe.

The password for the chest you get by mind reading the nasty self-made dragon knight at the blood alter… it is his chest after-all

And corwin… not sure if you've got yor glasses on or not….
Divinity 2-How i can pass here? (Massive Spoilers)

Corwin November 19th, 2009 01:24

..er, I'm the one who ADDED that Massive Spoilers to the title!!!!

kashunut77 January 14th, 2010 00:11

you have to go to the blood altar, talk to the "dragon" read his mind and he gives you the password for the chest :)

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