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Kawika December 8th, 2006 15:30

Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn - Aaron Cohen Interview @ MMORPG.com
MMORPG.com has published a Q&A interview with the producer of Ultima Online. Among other things, we learn how UO: Kingdom Reborn is expected to keep the aging Ultima Online alive and well in the ultra-competitive MMO industry.

Aaron Cohen is the Producer of Ultima Online. With the announcement of Electronic Arts buying Mythic, the MMO vets have been lending experience to the grand-father of all games, and the young development team at EA is hard at work putting their stamp on this game. We spoke to Cohen about it.
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Reyla December 8th, 2006 15:30

Look, I am 37 years old and played games like Sentinel Worlds in RGB colors for days straight 20 years ago but those screenshots of "Ultima Reborn" made me shake my head.

Telephones have replaced telegraphs permanently. Forever. Everyone understands this.

Why don't these EA folks understand that 3D graphics have replaced isometric? Nobody is going to drop their current MMOG for Ultima Online with isometric graphics.

Lo and Behold EA's bid to upend Everquest, Guild Wars, Eve, and World of Warcraft:

http://www.mmorpg.com/view_screenshot.cfm?file=|features|1019|images|101 9_4.jpg

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