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Pladio December 9th, 2006 00:02

Progress Quest - The newest kind of RPG
Here's a review. Please share your thoughts.


Corwin December 9th, 2006 02:17

This page explains the concept better. http://progressquest.com/info.php

This game should appeal to all lovers of Oblivion as it's the next step in game development after that!! :)

Arma December 9th, 2006 14:32

Indeed. Quite a few "innovations" to the … gameplay that manage to completely remove it.

Jaz December 9th, 2006 18:41

What's this, a screensaver? :)
I might still try it. Perhaps it's entertaining!

GothicGothicness December 9th, 2006 19:25

When I realised this wasn't a joke I started to laugh.

Arma December 9th, 2006 22:00

Well, not a screen saver, but rather nerve tester. How long can you stand a program that supposedly has all the elements of an RPG but can actually play itself. Btw, for letting it run in the background for a whole afternoon, I got to level 17 and Act 2 with my Low Elf Ur-paladin …

magerette December 10th, 2006 21:38

"Gamers who have played modern online role-playing games, or almost any computer role-playing game, or who have at any time installed or upgraded their operating system, will find themselves incredibly comfortable with Progress Quest's very familiar gameplay. "
"Progress Quest belongs to a new breed of "fire and forget" RPG's. There is no need to interact with Progress Quest at all; it will make progress with you or without you. "
you guys have got to be kidding, right--this isn't real???

Corwin December 11th, 2006 00:00

It's real!! :) Wonder if I should make this front page news!! :biggrin:

Pladio December 11th, 2006 01:03

Wait, there are races and stuff too.
Look :

I'm in the the Taleworlds' guild now, we're getting stronger and stronger :D !

abbaon December 11th, 2006 01:26

Are you enjoying your trip to 2002?

cutterjohn December 12th, 2006 18:33

Actually, isn't the game older than 2002? I seem to recall first hearing about it back in 1999 or 2000. Either way, this very very very old and stale "news".

Neo December 14th, 2006 00:35

I'm off to bed. I will leave this game on for the night, see whether I will be invincible at the time I wake up.

Role-Player December 14th, 2006 01:51

I'm still undecided as to wheter Progress Quest is a just an automated dungeon crawling experience that will replace the Diablos and Dungeon Sieges of the world, or a harsh and satyrical comment against the route CRPGs have taken in recent years.

Pladio December 14th, 2006 14:46

Sadly, I think it's both.

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