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Foss October 25th, 2009 20:02

Reputation consequences
I heard some rumors that if my reputation with a faction, this case the rebels, hits 50 it will come with some consequences regarding the Orc faction.

Anyone know what will happen? Can't do quests for orcs anymore or they will attack me on sight or something?
Think I heard aswell that it might only be the Orc leaders who will attack?


JDR13 October 25th, 2009 20:44

Not true. The Orcs will only start attacking if you liberate more than 3 cities, or kill too many non-hostile Orcs.

Foss October 25th, 2009 21:04

Ok, that is good to know, thank you.

lanux128 October 26th, 2009 17:28

even that has a work-around, don't talk to the orc leaders. just avoid them.

Wulf October 27th, 2009 11:33

Reputation in G3 is paramount, it's what the whole game is about, not to hack and slash your way through the game but to infiltrate each faction to the maximum without confrontation. Once you have gone beyond the faction acceptance limits (primary and/or secondary) you are in a dominant position and can influence situations by diplomacy and respect.

G3 is all about quests and how they are approached.

(a) quest selection - which quests are chosen to complete and the method to achieve 'amicable' solutions.
(b) quest sequence - which quests are done before others.
(c) quest omission - which quests are not accepted, which quests are accepted in journal but not carried out.

I would get to L70 without killing any orcs or human npc's and at the same time getting access into Ishtar. From there the game became extremely hard, i could not find the critical path other than the three branches - orcs, humans, hashishin, and because the game map area is big, replaying is very time consuming. The crucial factor to assist this is in "progressive saved games" - sequencial saving, you would have to make your own written notes as the save system does not allow save game naming. The game is a continuous hurdle, a challenge almost beyond logic…but it's there, to be unravelled by the careful thinking gamer

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