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Garrett December 9th, 2006 13:51

Gods - LoI - Kyla Cole Special Edition Features
Cypron Studios answered our question whether the SE will be available an update for the regular version of Gods:

…Special Edition of Gods will be new version of Gods with Kyla Cole as main hero.
The special edition will contain Kyla as main hero and lot of improvements players asked for:
  • debbuged version with no bugs (or just a minimum ;)
  • new improved animations
  • better graphic
  • brand new soundtrack
  • improved sound effects
  • we would like to improve the alchemy too
  • the retail version will probably contain Kyla Cole calendar (like wallpapers we have just released) for 2007 and Gods OST (original soundtrack CD)
There are still many countries (US, UK, France…) where Gods:LoI hasn't been released yet so we want to attract publishers/players with new, improved GODS:LOI SPECIAL VERSION. And, this game will not contain any sexual content! We are going to release an official PRESS about GODS LOI SE features soon.
More information.

karka December 9th, 2006 13:51

Thanks Garrett. Much appreciated.

Gorath December 9th, 2006 14:09

Interesting …

vidder December 9th, 2006 14:22

Since the original version i bought in germany was only about 15 EUR, iŽll gladly buy an updated version of the game, with those new features, for a similar or slightly higher price.

And yes, please improve the alchemy, we definately need more usefull recipes!

karka December 9th, 2006 14:32

Still, i'd be happy if they provide a free update for early adopters. At least, they can release another bugfix for the current version.

Moriendor December 9th, 2006 14:38

Boobs. Rule.

Corwin December 9th, 2006 14:49

There folks, is a short, but complete history of civilisation as we know it!! :biggrin:

Bargeral December 9th, 2006 17:22

I am wondering about the significance of the statement "And, this game will not contain any sexual content!" in the quote from Cypron Studios. Did the original version of the game contain such content? Is it a statement in relation to the model Kyla Cole? I googled her name and found her official website, and it is clear she's not shy about showing off her (ahem) charms. But I am not a supporter of the recent trend to editing out content from games for release in the Americas.

It's no wonder my country is so lost when our (so called) moral leaders decry beauty and yet give implicit approval to violence by remaining silent. </soapbox>

abbaon December 9th, 2006 17:42

That has never made the slightest bit of sense to me as an anti-censorship argument. Sure, pointing out hypocrisy is worth lots of internet debating points, but imagine if you won. Convincing our (so called) moral leaders to turn their attention to videogame violence sounds like a bit of an own goal to me, unless you want to play Leisure Suit Larry games for the rest of your life.

Acleacius December 9th, 2006 18:42

"And, this game will not contain any sexual content!""


Is there a planned Editor for modd'n. :D

I just went to their site yesterday to scan the forums about getting the demo to Alt-Tab correctly and noticed that they don't really seem to respond to questions on the forums at least English.
I understand if it takes a day or two but looks like the first post the guy has been waiting mofe than a week for answers.
If I went through the trouble to post and was ignored in Tech Support I either return the game if I owned it or in this case the demo wouldn't buy the game.

Since I am intrested i'll wait, but if the Devs are really intrested in the US market they proabably need to address the demo issue and support.

If they were a giant like EA they could ignore thier customers, but I imagine building a fan base if quite important for an up and coming Dev.

Opps I guess I should have read the froums before the news? :)

Bargeral December 9th, 2006 19:20

abbaon, you have a point. Even if I convinced anyone all I'd have done is gotten them to clamp down more on violent content, not loosen up on the other stuff. I just always am always surprised by how unbalanced the moralist's point of view often is. Silly me, expecting rationality.

booyah_boy December 9th, 2006 21:07


There folks, is a short, but complete history of civilisation as we know it!!
I'm with Corwin on this one. Am I honestly supposed to believe that a game whose Special Edition features a Slovakian p***star as the protaganist is worth my time? My first thoughts on seeing this "Give me a break…"

Nonymous December 9th, 2006 21:59

Is this a hoax?
Seriously… Is this a hoax?

This reminds me when those C-grade celebrities jumped onboard the ill-fated FMV videogame craze. Can someone please try & convince these celebrities' agents that, odds are, I'm not going to buy your #[email protected]! buggy product even if it has their voice &/or likeness in it?

Instead of spending X amount of [insert unit of currency here] so that you can plaster some celebrities' name on the box, why not spend it someplace more valuable like, oh… I don't know… beta testing?

Dhruin December 9th, 2006 22:39

Agreed. This is rather sad.

Acleacius December 10th, 2006 03:36

I don't understand they said they are working on eleminating the bugs, its not like this is the only thing they are doing.

# debbuged version with no bugs (or just a minimum
# new improved animations
# better graphic
# brand new soundtrack
# improved sound effects
# we would like to improve the alchemy too

Is that you guys feel like this should be more of patch?
Seem llike alot of added features and content to me, I must be missing something.

Is it that several real problems still exist in the orginal game, if so is it possible they will put out a patch for at least the fixes?

Just trying to pay attention since I am intrested. :)

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