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Dhruin October 29th, 2009 17:39

Din's Curse - Locks, Traps and the Warrior Way
Steven Peeler writes about Locks, Traps and the Warrior Way in his latest blog post for Din's Curse. He plans to make chests a little bit different:

For Din's Curse, I have expanded the gameplay around chests, and given the player some actual choices. All of this post applies to doors also, but I'm just going to reference chests for simplicity. In most RPGs, especially action RPGs, opening a chest is not a choice. It is something you automatically do every time you find a chest. In Din's Curse, I expect a few chests here and there to be left alone, at least for a little while.
…and the possible consequences:

The choices can get harder though. What if you are deep in the dungeon, your health is low, you have no more supplies, you are playing a hardcore character, the current level is fairly hard, and your perception tells you that the chest in front of you has a pit trap that will drop you to the next dungeon level? What do you do? Do you risk it?
More information.

screeg October 29th, 2009 17:39


*by "it", I mean innovative approaches to what are typically tiresome and ancient RPG tropes.

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