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woges October 30th, 2009 16:48

Torchlight - Opinion @ RPS
John Walker gives his opinion on Torchlight. He questions the longevity of the game but is still positive about it.

Torchlightís gorgeous design (a more fun, more sleek WoW-style, emphasising on colour) and constant explosive detail ensures itís always interesting to look at, even if itís not always interesting to play. Three or four levels into a sequence of dragons and demons Iím finding myself a little fed up of fighting the same enemies still, and looking forward to the next shift in environment. The only problem is, I do at this point, 12 hours in, start to wonder if thereís enough incentive to keep going. I think itís here that the dismissive narrative reveals its failing Ė Iíve been teased with fighting Alric so many times now than Iíve given up on it happening, and itís been a while since any drops have competed with my own augmented equipment. Without a sense of purpose the otherwise very entertaining, if somewhat mindless, game might be running out of steam.
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Michael Dean October 30th, 2009 16:48

I think his opinion has its merits, and it just depends on what you're after in this game, which is the same as I feel about the Gamespot (8.0) review.
All-in-all, the Diablo titles felt to me a bit like the old arcade scrambler, Gauntlet. Never did I feel particularly challenged or immersed, but I felt thoroughly entertained. I can say much the same regarding Torchlight…it truly feels like a 'video game', not a life-changing experience.
What I love about it is that I'm completely able to just enjoy the gameplay without thinking about what I'm after or even what I'm doing…I'm just clicking along killing stuff.
I usually like harder hardcore CRPGs than most people who enjoy CRPGs (i.e., the Arkania series), and this game doesn't even tip its hat to anything like that; but it's a lot of mindless fun if you enjoy video games for being what they are.

Thaurin October 30th, 2009 17:03

You know what? I'm going to download it off Steam right now. For that price, it's nothing short of amazing. A bit of mindless clicking might just be what the doctor ordered.

Nithrakis October 30th, 2009 17:15


The only problem is, I do at this point, 12 hours in, start to wonder if there’s enough incentive to keep going.
I have this problem with all Diablo clones and, to be truthful, all action RPGs in general. I really enjoy the first couple of hours then I get bored of the repetition.

darkling October 30th, 2009 18:24

I also believe the base game doesn't have much longevity to it. That said, the mod content should spice things up after a few quick playthroughs, assuming good modders take up the challenge. The ability to build new chunks to go into the random dungeon block pool is nice, and hopefully people make a lot of interesting rooms and variations to widen the scope of the basic dungeon as well as building separate handcrafted ones.

Thaurin October 30th, 2009 18:29

I did not know that you could do that. Interesting! I played for a bit just now and the dungeons have a lot of atmosphere in them. If the environments are diverse, the longevity could be greatly increased! This is perfect for when I get home at night drunk. :P

pearceshea October 30th, 2009 19:13

Well I think it's interesting that ARPGs have more or less precisely the same design incentive as MMORPGS (or maybe that should be reversed). Both are designed with the "one more drop, one more mob, one more level" series of hooks in mind. Both run out of steam near the end/endgame for all but a few of the more hardcore players, who must have the best gear and engage the toughest encounters. For everyone else, once the gear you have is about the best that you can get with the time you have, and you've messed around with all the talents and skills, and you've traveled to just about every area, you are more or less left bored.

Thaurin October 30th, 2009 21:02

Recently, after trying Dungeons & Dragons Online, I've found out how much difference there is between action RPGs and MMORPGs. DDO is pretty much a multi-player action game, but WoW certainly does not feel like one. The loot drop might be similar, but Diablo and Torchlight just play much faster than any old MMORPG. You can also play them at your leisure, while bringing down big raid monsters requires a constant and continuous effort.

But the similarities are there, obviously!

woges October 30th, 2009 21:34

Giant Bomb have one of their quick look on Torchlight that I think we missed? If you want to see game-play it's there.

Sirfartsalot October 31st, 2009 19:43

What exactly is the editor being released for…Longevity…dur

John Walker need to get his facts straight.

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