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Acleacius November 6th, 2009 00:43

Dark setting, not saving.
Just jumped back here to the site and had become logged out. Logged in, now whenever I choose Dark background setting, it will not save going to the next page. I don't see a setting in the User CP. I doubt it has to do with my brower, however in case it matters it's Firefox 3.5.4, most current version. I have posted here within the last 4 hours and several times in the last week since I updated to this version.

Thanks for any tips.

Corwin November 6th, 2009 00:58

Try clearing your cookies and then reset your preferences.

Arhu November 6th, 2009 01:08

What Corwin said. RPGWatch uses cookies to save the color setting, it's independent of a user account and works also when you are not logged in.

Don't open new tabs directly after you have switched from light to dark. Make sure you have no other tabs open, switch to dark and then click on a link normally (without tab or new window, you can use the "FORUMS" link in the menu, for example), then it should stick.

If that doesn't work, try deleting your RPGWatch cookies (Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Show Cookies -> search for "rpgwatch").

Normally you don't simply become logged out. Maybe something happened to your cookies or they can't be set on RPGWatch anymore for some reason. Privacy mode perhaps?

Acleacius November 6th, 2009 02:28

Deleting all the cookies, seems to have fixed it, thanks. :)

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