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Garrett December 12th, 2006 17:23

Gothic 3 - Official Soundtrack CD available now!
After many delays, the official soundtrack of Gothic 3 is finally available as of today. The CD/DVD combo is offering more tracks than the soundtrack in the game's limited edition and the DVD offers the same as the CD, but in 5.1 surround sound plus a making-of-video and more. The price is 15.95 Euro (incl p&p for Germany). To order or for details about p&p to other countries click here (english info in the middle of the site or by clicking here).
The full feature list from the english site reads as follows:

Original soundtrack for Gothic 3. This edition contains far more than the CD-only track shipped with Gothic's Collector's Edition.
  • Audio CD + Video DVD
  • CD contains 24 Tracks (same as Collector's Edition) plus several additional tracks. Various artists (among them the original composer Kai Rosenkranz and German band Corvus Corax) have selected themes from the game and created new original tracks based on these.
  • DVD contains the complete Soundtrack mixed in surround, (e.g. for playing in 5.1 Home Cinemas).
  • A Making-Of-Video show how Gothic 3's music was created (video is German).
  • Also included are "Soundscapes", specially arranged combinations of sound and music (again in 5.1 surround) to be used as background for pen&paper roleplaying sessions. They are named: "Myrtana Day", "Myrtana Night", "Forest Day", "Forest Night", "Dungeon", "City", "Varant" und "Northmar".
  • "Musical Journey" arranges various titles on a Gothic 3 map to their locations in the game.
  • "From scribble to final mix"-Section

More information.

Jabberwocky December 12th, 2006 17:23

Ironic that this news comes the same time I received notice from Gameplanet New Zealand that my new replacement soundtrack CD has been shipped. (The ones that came with the special edition were defective). I wonder if that means I will be getting the 'new and improved' version with the bonus tracks? (That should have been included in the CE to begin with, what with the price I paid).

txa1265 December 12th, 2006 17:59

Too bad that for the US the total incl. shipping ends up ~$40 … I just love the music, but perhaps not *that* much …

xSamhainx December 12th, 2006 19:35

I have never understood the game soundtrack thing.

Why would anyone who plays a game, listening to the music for countless hours, want to have it playing in their car, home, or earphones as they go about their daily lives?

I dont understand it, do people actually listen to it or is it just some kind of novelty that all the hardcores feel they must own to be fully legit? Do people actually crank up the Gothic soundtrack really loud while cruising their cars, like a signal to other Gothic players in the vicinity?

Jabberwocky December 12th, 2006 20:03

Actually Sammy, I like game and movie soundtracks (along with pop, metal, etc…) and listen to them when I'm working on the computer. It puts me in the mood for an epic game even though I can't play it at the moment.

txa1265 December 12th, 2006 23:53


Originally Posted by xSamhainx (Post 12153)
I have never understood the game soundtrack thing.

While my musical tastes tend to run more to the avant garde in jazz and classical, I like much game and movie music as well - good compositions are good compositions, after all.

But since the scope of music in games and movies is different than that of music composed as a self-sustaining entity, I think it is somewhat dependant on the context of the game or movie it is part of.

I use as an example 'Castlevania' - they had the 'special edition' of the new DS version with soundtrack for the same price as the regular version … so I got it. Found I really don't care about that soundtrack.

But for Gothic 2 / 3, Divine Divinity, Arcanum, KotOR, BG2, VtM:Bloodlines and bits of a few others - as well as soundtracks and songs from a few movies like Star Wars, Blade Runner, Good, Bad & Ugly, Willie Wonka, etc … they are happily living on my iPod :)

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