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wsony12 November 10th, 2009 16:31

Freeze: Where can i buy this scroll ?
where can i buy the freeze magic scroll, so i can freeze lizardmen in the volcano: buy at harbortown? cormac doesn't seem to have any; what about conjour skeleton scroll ? thanks

rockyourazz November 10th, 2009 23:32

Sorry mate… there isn't any freeze scroll in the game…. you can only freeze if you have and trained ice crystal magic after joining the monastery either as a mage or an order warrior…

Here is a full list of all the scrolls in a link in case you are interested what scrolls you can find and use no matter who you joined in with:


They are not all available at the start - most of the powerful ones are behind magic barriers though you can still find some of the good ones already in chapter 1 like the "turn to ashbeast" inside the volcano temple or open-locks in the east coast's island ruins or fred which I think can be found in the west and east coast but don't take my word for it…..there is more information on finding specific scrolls in this forum - I have used it myself to find scrolls and more… just search wisely and something will pop up in the results eventually if not immediately…have fun

EDV April 13th, 2010 13:18

If you realy would like to use freeze but you're not a mage take the folling steps:
-Train blacksmithing to level 3
-Gather the ingredients for two 'Mage's rings/Ring of the Mage' (forgot how is was called).
-Make the two rings, they both give two levels of crystal magic each.
-Equip them and your warrior can use magic crytals as a level 4 mage.
-If you're near the end of the game you should have found a freeze crystal by now.
-Equip the crystal and have fun.

I personaly found it pretty bad in comparison with the other crystals.
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